Donley AC & Plumbing Shares Plumbing Advice For First-Time Homeowners

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Donley AC & Plumbing Shares Plumbing Advice For First-Time Homeowners

Family-owned Donley AC & Plumbing has been in business since 1976. While they pride themselves in providing “old-school” service to Arizonans, Donley technicians receive ongoing training to maintain the most comprehensive service for air conditioning, plumbing, heating, sewer repair, maintenance management and solar hot water. In fact, they've been honored not once but twice with the Better Business Bureau’s Ethics Award. With this recognition plus their experience, you know they've had more than their fair share of first-time homeowners, who happens to be one in every three homebuyers according to the National Association of Realtors. In fact, Donley AC & Plumbing has great plumbing advice to share with first-time homeowners.


1. Ever had your ring fall down the drain? Don't fret- there's something you can do to recover it. First, turn off the water then place a bucket under the curved section of pipe under the sink called the p-trap. Place some towels around the bucket then pull out the access plug on the p-trap. Let the water drain into the bucket. Afterwards, check the water for your jewelry. Replace the plug and run water to ensure there are no leaks.

If there isn't any access plug on the p-trap, you might have an older pipe so you'll need to call a professional instead.

2. Try these the next time you have a clogged sink. Wait for the sink to clear then slowly pour boiling water down the drain. If that doesn't work, pour half a cup of baking soda and a cup of vinegar down the drain then let sit for 20-30 minutes. Afterwards, slowly pour boiling water down the drain.

If boiling water doesn't work, try using a plunger next. Remove the stopper, cover the drain by pouring about an inch of water then center the plunger over the drain. Create a strong seal then pump the plunger up and down for about 20 seconds. Test the drain and repeat if needed.

If the plunger doesn’t help, try a handheld snake or call a professional. You might also consider using strainers to prevent clogged drains in sinks and showers.

3. For a leaky faucet, you will need to start first with turning off the water by twisting the valve under the sink or if there is no valve, turning off the main water supply to your home. Next, turn on the faucet to let the water line clear. Then remove the handle followed by removing the cartridge based on the manufacturer’s instructions. You should then clean the handle area, inspect O-rings and replace if worn or damaged. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions again this time for inserting a new cartridge. Reattach the handle then turn hot and cold water back on. If the leak persists, contact a professional.

4. To prevent or clear a clogged dishwasher, clean the area around the drain by hand. You may need to remove the screws and drain cover to access the smaller pieces. This extra step ensures dirty water flows out and your dishes are cleaned right.

5. Never treat your garbage disposal like a trash can if you want to avoid back-ups and service calls. This includes avoiding throwing starchy, stringy and fibrous waste into your disposal. For scraps on the other hand, turn on the disposal first then gradually add scraps. Another tip is to keep water running while the disposal is still on and for a full minute after turning it off. For cleaning the disposal, pour a half-cup of baking soda then slowly add a half-cup of vinegar. After the mixture stops fizzing, flush the disposal with hot water.


More plumbing tips:

–Be familiar with the location of your main water valve and how to turn it off.

–Baby wipes are not flushable. To prevent baby wipes, cotton swabs and tissues from being disposed in the toilet, keep a wastebasket visible in the bathroom.


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Donley AC & Plumbing Shares Plumbing Advice For First-Time Homeowners

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