How to Leverage Reach150 - The Importance of Sphere Marketing

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Did you know 92% trust referrals from people they know and are 6X more likely to do business with you? Growing referrals is like building your 401(k) – the sooner you start, the more you benefit from a compounding effect. 

According to Dunbar's number, on average, a person can maintain 150 active social relationships. This is the backbone of Reach150’s model and the reason for its success in growing your referral business.  

In this post, you will understand better how to use Reach150 to improve your sphere of influence, which inadvertently will lead to the generation of more referrals for your real estate business. 


What is Reach150? 

This is a predictive analytics software developed by SmartZip, which focuses on driving referral to market services and products online. Indeed, this software was not created for the real estate sector alone; in fact, it was built for people who worked in the "relationship business." However, it has grown popular in the real estate industry.  


How can Reach150 elevate your sphere of influence? 

There are several means by which this software can help to expand your sphere of influence in the industry. Some of these ways include: 


Showcases Experience 

Many people tend to base a lot of decisions on real estate upon the level of expertise of the agent they are dealing with. Hence, the comments/feedback on the platform from different clients an agent has worked with shows the industry's knowledge, ultimately bringing trust from potential clients. Clients are also more willing to take on agents who they believe have experienced and succeeded in cases like theirs. 


Exhibits Your Hardwork

As you must have known by now that Reach150 allows customers to give feedback on the type and quality of service they received from a real estate agent. Therefore, if an agent performs poorly or doesn't satisfy the clients' taste, it will reflect on the agent's profile and ultimately pursue away a potential client. However, with positive feedback, the agent's influence is bound to increase, ultimately good for business.  


Builds Trust

You already know that your customers will only do business with whom they trust, right? In addition to the fact that the feedback of customers you have worked with shows quality and experience, it also helps build trust. Reach150 is a referral-driven software. Hence, the satisfied customers who will be sharing your profile to their networks are laying a solid foundation of trust for you.  


Post Pictures + Videos With Satisfied Clients

You also have the opportunity to advertise on this platform. Reach150 allows you to make use of pictures taken with a client at his/her new home for advertisement, as well as choose to record videos that might luckily go viral. It has been established that agents who use this type of advertisement are getting more questions about their services and a significant return on investments than real estate agents that do not require this feature. 


Targeted Marketing 

Indeed, not everyone that comes across your profile on Reach150 will want to work with you at the initial stage. But thanks to the platform's retargeting feature, your personally generated campaign or advertisement will "follow" that person around the internet. One thing about the retargeting ad is that it brings a subtle consciousness of the message to the person seeing it. Hence, be rest assured that when the potential client thinks about connecting with a real estate agent, your name will be high on that list.  


Grow Online Presence

This platform allows real estate agents to create a footprint online. You will create an agent profile displaying your competencies. This profile makes it very easy for potential clients to find you to message you if they need service. 

It is important to note that your profile information should show why you are different from others. Employing your services can make any purchase or rent a simple and advantageous process. 



From the above, it is obvious that this software is aimed at generating referrals for agents. This is a cutting-edge innovation that has helped reduce the stress of talking to many people to get referrals. With this software, you can get a referral by doing your job and leaving the rest to your client's feedback. 

Now that you know how these small changes can elevate your sphere of influence and bring in more business, the time to get your hands dirty is now. Start using Reach150 today have in your hands the best tool to work digitally and profitably as a real estate agent.  


What do you think about Reach150? Would it be useful to you as an agent? What methods do you use to stay connected to your sphere? We'd love to know! 


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