Wild Grape Vines - A Hardy Favorite

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Wild Grape Vine - Vitis

Fruit of the Gods grows on this lovely little vine, which is available to enchant and decorate your own garden and yard, states Dennis Sons of Tennessee Wholesale Nursery. The Wild Grape Vine is a deciduous, perennial, woody vine with a great tendency to thrive and survive. The vine of the wild grape is sturdier than most other wild vine species. They grow well in the sun and will use their apt forking tendrils to coil around trees, fences, or other surfaces to reach the sun if stuck in the shade.

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The Wild Grape Vine can grow upwards of 50 feet long or high. The tiny white clusters of flowers bloom in early summer before tiny green globular grapes begin growing. The grapes appear in upside-down pyramid-shaped bunches of goodness. The heart-shaped and lobed leaves of the Wild Grape Vine are also edible and have a nice tangy citrus-like flavor. The serrated edged, smooth green leaves are commonly prepared in Mediterranean cuisine as dolma or stuffed grape leaves, and they can also be used cooked or raw in a savory salad or even a sweet one if desired.

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