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There are a lot of opportunities to spend time these days. For example, you can watch interesting movies, sport shows online. Or you can even start your own live streaming when you share the content with your subscriptions.

In any case, one day, you will understand that it is time to find out how to improve live streaming. People like high-quality content, and whether you produce or consume it, there are some standards that can make this process more interesting.

We are ready to provide you with a list of the most actionable tips that will guide you to new heights in your hobby or profession. Some of them are simple enough, but you never know where you can find an insight.

Ensure you have a good camera and other live streaming equipment

If you consider streaming to be something more than just a nice option to spend time, you need to invest in high-quality equipment. Actually, it can make or break your stream. And the more experienced you become, the more professional-grade tools you need.

It is especially important when you’re streaming on YouTube or Twitch not for yourself only, but for business purposes. You can’t use any applications to fix video and sound if your original recording is just bad. So, choose a good Full HD or 4K camera and a decent microphone to make your streaming better.


The next thing that can affect your live streaming quality is the speed of your Internet. And we have a good solution for it: you can use VPN software.

This advice works in two directions, when you need to record your own stream and when you want to unblock streaming to watch a movie or a TV show. Some platforms like Netflix have geo-restrictions. For example, they can define what content is available for people in different countries. And if you’re outside the US right now, your choice is pretty limited until you decide to unblock streaming and fix this problem.

Honestly, unblocking streaming service restrictions is not so difficult if you know what to do. Such applications as VeePN, can make your life much easier. Just switch it on, and it will change your IP address and encrypt the traffic. It means nothing can interfere with your connection. You can download the app, desktop program, browser extension, depending on your device. Start with the free trial to understand what opportunities it can provide you with.

Plan ahead

Live streaming is something that is usually associated with a whim, a random success. Most likely, it was your opinion when you just watch how do other people do it. However, it always includes a huge scope of work.

Even if you’re streaming with a VPN, and have no need to worry about your Internet, you need to keep a lot of details in your mind. Such things as lightning, sound, your clothes, and even weather conditions are really important. If something goes wrong, it can ruin everything.

Speaking about ideas on how to speed up streaming, you should always think about promoting. Launching a broadcast, don’t forget to let your viewers know when and how they can access your stream. You may also advise them to use a VPN for streaming movies and your broadcast.

Choose the professional online video platform

Improving streaming quality, you should choose a good OVP (online video platform) that provides useful solutions to host and manage your video. Depending on the choice you make, you can also use other tools, e.g., to monetize your stream, to ensure its security, etc.

There are 3 criteria to pay attention to when you’re looking for a good OVP:

  1. How does its content distribution network work?
  2. Does this OVP allow you to broadcast in full 1080P Hd?
  3. Can you rely on instant customer support when you have some problems?

Check upload speed

When you stream a video, your game, or movie, you need to ensure that your internet speed is sufficient to sustain the streaming. You’ll learn such terms as “upload bandwidth” and “broadcast bitrate,” and understand how you can get the most out of your Internet.

There are some actionable tips you can use when streaming with a VPN or even without it:

  • If possible, don’t use a Wi-Fi connection since it can be unstable. Prefer a wired Ethernet.
  • Ifyou simply don’t have another choice, try to choose your location as close to the router as possible. It will provide you with a clear signal.
  • Close all browsers, tabs in the browser, any apps, and programs that draw bandwidth.
  • If there are some other devices connected to the network, remove them.
  • If you think it may help, switch to a better Internet plan.

Remember that if you need to unblock streaming when you’re a broadcaster, you should focus on the upload speed. And when it goes about consuming the content only, check whether your download speed is really sufficient.

 Don’t shoot your videos in HD only

We know that you want to provide your subscribers with high-quality video only, but your task is to ensure that your content will be seen by all of your viewers. You may have brilliant equipment, but it doesn’t mean that everyone has the capacity to follow your streaming in HD. So, if it is your choice, take care of an additional stream in Standard Definition as well.

Always Backup

You might have heard the phrase “Back that thang up”, said Juvenile artist. Think about it in the context of your files. When you back up your live stream, it provides you with some additional opportunities. For example, you can let your viewers access your video-on-demand files and playlists any time they want. It is your chance to boost the audience as now all people can watch your stream if they missed it. Besides, it will attract more people from different time-zones. When you use a VPN for streaming movies, you can change your IP, geographical location, and therefore time, but it doesn’t mean that your viewers do it as well. They are still far away, waiting for a convenient moment to watch your stream. Back up, and you’ll meet their expectations.

Wrapping Up

You know that desperate times call for desperate measures, and it is about modern hobbies and activities as well. If you want to do something on a really high level, you should be ready to work, to purchase the quality equipment, to track your Internet speed, install some software, and always look for new ways to communicate with your audience. Good luck with your streaming!

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Rocky Dickerson
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Superior Service!

Hello there Samantha Brown I also found that by changing which of my routers channels I used for streaming, my bandwidth doubled

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