10 Personal Money Rules That Work At All Times from Famous People

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It is interesting how almost all of us dream of becoming as rich as some celebrities or overall well-known people. Even if some say that they don't need much money, it is needless to say that we would take it if we were offered a big amount. For many people earning lots of money becomes our life purpose — what we miss out on is some well — thought strategies. 
Even when we consider celebrities, it's not always only about earning more and more money — it might sound surprising. Still, stars also have a strategy with money, and they think through their expenses, save lots of cash or invest them. 

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10 Money Rules That Work


There are not only some certain rules of the way we should start behaving with money but also a certain way of thinking — it's how we should start treating them to rule money and not us.

#1 "You have to go broke three times to learn how to make a living." Casey Stengel, an American baseball player, once said. 
There is doubtful truth in those words that everything we earn in this world isn't given us easily, and people who do have it easy are just about to face their obstacles. Money doesn't come easy, and you have to fight and work for it, so you have to be ready for hard work and lots of failures along the way.

#2 Know how to protect your money — being a victim of financial fraud Americans lost 439 million dollars. Check the statistics below, these numbers scream. Some people are acting so clueless with their money, investing them in weird companies, and so on, hoping to get lucky — but it's not only about luck here. You have to be careful and thoughtful with your money.

#3 Beloved by anyone, the famous rapper Eminem had his thoughts on money — "I always try to be smart. I try to treat all the money I'm making like it's the last time I'm going to make it." It is a great way to show how you should treat your money and your work. It is important to give it your all when it comes to your job — robe rich, you have to be smart and hard-working, nothing comes for nothing. Hard work equals making money.

#4 People need to set certain goals in their life — this way, and you see clearly where you are moving on with your life and what should be your main priorities. And the same applies to money, and you have to set yourself money goals, it could be some income per year or month-setting goals helps to create a way towards it.

#5 Star Trek actor William Shatner pointed out the following — "If saving money is wrong, I don't want to be right!" and the movie star is absolutely right in it! Saving money is one of the ways to survive in our unstable world. We all know that after we got hit by a global pandemic when people started losing their jobs massively. So it's getting clearer and clearer that we have to learn how to save money.

#6 Have a plan — planning is key to success. First, you are setting your goals, and then you plan the way to reach those goals. However, planning is not only about achieving gold — but it is also about planning your budget and your expenses. Overall, scheduling your everyday activities can help improve your life — and planning your money expenses is also very helpful.

#7 Make money work for you — stop being the slave of money. Many people have this mindset that money will solve all their problems, and meanwhile, it may be partly true, we should not focus only on that. Money should be your help and not your obsession or your curse. Take it easier.

#8 "I've made all my money on my own without my family, and I work very hard."— a very interesting but also surprising quote by Paris Hilton. Paris is probably the example that not everyone would've expected because people think of her as the girl who got it all easily — but that's not true. She is the example of a hard worker, no matter what her parents or society around her thought. She may have some sort of made-up personality when she shows it to the public — but her documentaries and stories about her show that she is just a very strong person who managed to build her empire. Against all the boundaries, you have to achieve your goals.

#9 Keep money for education — the same recent studies show that more than 42 million Americans have student debts and owe an average $36,510 for their loans. Education these days is extremely important, and in modern society, a person never stops learning something new. So saving money for future education is a very smart move. With that, you can allow yourself to start learning a new job, start a new career and make even more money. Education is essential in many cases.

#10 "It is better to have a permanent income than to be fascinating." — a very famous Irish writer Oscar Wilde once said — and this is another way of how you should behave with money. Of course, this is not a rule everybody should follow, but there is a very good point in it — you should agree for every little opportunity you are given when you can earn money there, and any income is still income. Even if it's just your part-time job that you take in between, you should always cherish the money you earn there.

As you see, your relationship with money really is dependent on how you think of them. If you think about it as something unachievable, then it will be unachievable for you. Learn to make money, your friend.

And just like that, even celebrities have their own strategy of how to act with money — and for them, it might have been a tougher journey as many of them earned lots of money in a short period of time, and they had to learn how to behave with it. And so should you! 

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