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Renovating your kitchen is always a great idea if you are looking to update your lifestyle or add some value to your home. But things like these if done unplanned can make you lose a big chunk of your pocket. The kitchen isn't just a place for cooking, it can also help you socialize with the guests or friends or relatives so you'll need to look for things that will add more functionality, value, free up some extra space and still be affordable. Bed Bath and Beyond is an excellent option to shop from using their great discounts to get at least flat 20% off and many more amazing gifts.

Here's a list of some of the options that can help you renovate your kitchen within a budget:

  1. Introduce patterns

Bringing in some patterns on your kitchen floor or wall will surely mix up things for good. You can also try both at the same time but in that case, you gotta look for interlinking patterns cause they do need to seem connected. A vintage rug or maybe some floral prints on the floor will surely do the job well.

  1. Floating shelves

Adding some floating shelves to various places on your kitchen wall will surely give you some extra space and also change the dynamic a bit. You will be able to stack decorated dishes, jars etc. Even you can decorate them by keeping some nice artworks leaned on them. Home depot can help you a lot in this case by offering deals worth up to 50% off or $5 off on email signup.

  1. Coloring stools and chairs

Coloring stools like these can be easily found selling in sets and quite inexpensive too. You can buy the whole range of rainbows colors. In case you have some room in your budget then you can go for some wooden low height chairs as well with a little backrest. All of these add that touch of versatility as well as luxury to your kitchen.

  1. Plates for wall decor

Getting some nice sets of plates with varying designs to stick them up as wall decor is a great idea. You can score them at quite cheap rates from those yard sales. This will give you an opportunity to show off your crockery collection and also save some money from that wall decor budget.

  1. Pendant lights

These can compliment literally any kind of look of your kitchen and make it stand out. They can put the focus on things that you really wanna show off and get a chance to strike a nice conversation over a course of the meal. You can hang them over different places in your kitchen, some over the dinner table, some near your cooking slab.

  1. Monochrome paint

No matter how much wall decor you put up or add nice floral patterns, nothing works unless you have done a good job painting the walls. Going for the monochrome is the best option in this case cause you don't wanna complexify it much by mixing colors and patterns, it's not your bedroom or dining room.

  1. Dining table

A nice dinner table in the middle can really make a lot of things happen, it doesn't also need to be expensive. One just by the kitchen will surely help you a lot cause you won't need to travel much with freshly prepared food in hand. Also, you will get a place to put all the food in front of everyone so that anyone can choose from whatever they like. A dinner table for all the family members to dine together at always seems amazing.

  1. Showing off the collection

Whatever good crockery and utensil collection that you may have in your storage can be put up on the kitchen shelves even if they are only for special occasions. They easily become a nice eye-catchy factor for anyone who steps in your kitchen for the first time or maybe several times. You can even add some hooks to hold those nice tea cups or coffee mugs or glass jars.

  1. Snack drawers

Putting up some nicely arranged snack drawers can also makeover your kitchen drastically. You can arrange it according to your need by putting healthier snacks on lower drawers so that children can only reach them. In this way, it will be more functional as well as more decorative. With Wayfair by your side, you can get deals worth up to 60% savings plus free shipping on all orders.

  1. Enhancing the appliances

Whatever appliances that you may have in your kitchen, if you can just add some new color coating to them they will give a new and fresh vibe. Getting rid of those plastic worn-out containers and replacing them with those shiny stainless steel ones will also do the job. And the main thing whatever you do, keep your kitchen island neat and clean whenever you are not working cause that's what matters most.


After going through this article I hope you will get a better idea about the changes that you may require to make in order to renovate your kitchen. Also to keep it under budget you can look at various online and offline platforms like Zouton for discount coupons and make these items completely under budget like we mentioned for Bed Bath and Beyond coupons.

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