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Have you been annoyed by newsletter that come to your e-mail inbox without picture? and the computer says, click on the top to see the images...? and some even say, if you can see this newsletter click this link to see it ? ( in their web site) ?

In a time that every second counts and we do not have patience to click to see images, I prefer to click the delete bottom. If their newsletter is not professional enough to show the pictures or show itself first time it hits my  inbox email, maybe the whole thing is not worth to be seen.

I sent one email asking to e-pros what would be the best software to do newsletter and surprisingly one agent kindly show me the secret of preparing a template and send email from her outlook and was so professional and the better, it was free. No subscription, no nothing and with links for everything. Even it had a unsubscribe link. ( mandatory by CAN-SPAM act )

I love it, and I feel like I found a secret worth to keep. You know when you dig and dig finally someone show the light and you get the treasure!!! a free newsletter from the comfort of your computer.

Ok. I reveal the secret in a web page I am putting together not related to Real Estate. With the market slow I am finding time to write books and do my hobby , html, so click on and there click on the link the newsletter secret . No, I am not selling anything , we all are tired of people snapping wherever they can from our pockets. It is good to find friends that share good and free ideas.

So, dig in.

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Carrie Perez
Elk Rapids, MI

Hey, thank you for sharing! I have not used Outlook to create a newsletter, but I have used Publisher. I will check it out...

Jun 23, 2008 02:03 PM