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Tulip Poplar (Liriodendron tulipifera) is a fast-growing plant native to the Eastern part of North America, spanning as far North as Southern Ontario and as far south as Illinois.

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 Tulip Poplar trees are beautiful trees for any lawn or landscape. They can help brighten up any property by adding a neat splash of color when in full bloom. It features bright green leaves and flowers that are shaped like tulips. Once it reaches full bloom in fall, it turns a radiant, luminous yellow-orange color. 


 Unlike most other fast-growing species, its full height and durability make it a valuable tree for timber. Unlike other fast-growing trees, weak wood-strength and short-life spans are not a problem. It grows at a rate of six feet per year, which adds to its attractiveness as an option for any land plot. 

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 Tulip Poplar trees are the state tree in Kentucky, Indiana, and Tennessee. Although they can be found over a great deal of North America and cover a great deal of land, they are commonly found in the Southern United States. 


 Tulip poplar trees are fast-growing nature, height, and spread (40’ width at maturity) make it an excellent shade tree, and its natural color adds life to any landscape or property. Tulip trees' color and thickness make it an attractive option to birds and wildlife as well. 


 It’s also low-maintenance and easy to maintain, making it an ideal addition to any landscape or lawn.


 With beauty, durability, and fast growth, Tulip Poplar trees will make a fine addition to any lawn, landscape, or property, providing shade and beauty. 


Hardy Planting Zone: 4-9

Bloom Season (if any): Spring (begins to bloom around April to June)

Bloom Color: Yellow-Orange (once it reaches full bloom in fall)

Height at Maturity: 80-90ft

Soil Type Preferred: Various (acidic, clay-based but grows best in deep, rich, moist soil like loam, for example, as long as the soil is acidic, the tree will thrive)

Sun or Shade: Full or Partial Sunlight






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