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Tn Nursery Reviews


Going through a garden, especially in bloom, gives a person a chance to smell the flowers. After the walk is done, some would like to remember their trip, and so take a few of the flowers with them. Although the flowers will wilt in a few days regardless of what is done to save them, there is a more effective way to keep the flowers' scent; one needs to make them into potpourri. It is not that hard to make, and the smell can last for months. 

Simple DIY Potpourri with Rose Petals - YouTube


 Keeping the bouquet fresh is relatively easy; a mix of water and a clear soda will keep it fresh for almost a week under optimal conditions. Assuming a dry potpourri, you must dry the flowers to be used; the idea is to let them dry naturally. Make sure that you combine with some Orrin root powder as a fixative; you can either buy some at a local drug or health store or use Iris Florentina along with your mix. Also, include some essential oil for additional scents; they may be expensive, but you only need a few drops. 


 Dry the flowers in bunches in a dark place with a breeze, except rose petals. For rose petals, lay them out singly on some mesh. When the mixture is finally dry, feel free to combine it with spices for additional scents, such as cinnamon. Although you can use real flowers if you decide to crush the petals, remember to include the entire height as the smell does not come from the petals themselves. Keeping the potpourri mix in a jar is an excellent way to keep the mix fresh for an extra month or so, but keep in mind that the scent will eventually fade away. No matter which mix you decide to go with, this is a beautiful way to remember the smell of the garHow to Make Homemade Potpourri | POPSUGAR Smart Living









Tn Nursery Reviews

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