Can you sell a home with Doggie Dodie?

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Dog DoDo is an added feature?

So recently a home came on the market close to my home.  The seller was a FISBO and was having an open house on Saturday.  At 11 Am Saturday, I was touring the house along with about 100+ other buyers and RE Agents.  The home was a dump.  Really bad.  But the biggest shocker was that the homeowners were dogie fans and were fostering a lot of dogs in the 3rd bedroom.  And the room was covered 2 inched thick on the floor and about 3 feed up the side with dog DoDo.  Really bad situation.  I meet the owner on the front porch and asked him if he was going to clean up the mess.  He said ‘nope, comes with the house’.  (I wonder if there was language in the purchase contract that says it conveys?) And somehow, he figured out I was an agent, and he was not interested in listing the home with some ‘SOB  F**** Agent’.   He really did not have to list, he sold the home for more than the asking price that day.    That was in 1978.

Is there Irritation Exuberance in the market?

I have been in real estate for 45+ years and one thing, I have learned is that the market is always moving in a direction, and today that direction is currently up. Presently the inventory has an absorption rate of around 30-days, this means we have 30-days of inventory on the market.  Sold to list ratio is 99% which means everything on the market is selling within hours.  We are entering into the season-to-sell, let us see what happens in a few months.  Great time to be a seller, especially if you are fostering dogs. If you have inventory to sell, is it time to get out?  

What is going on flipping homes?

Are there home out there to flip?    No. I have seen this market before in my carrier.  It is beyond hot; it is Now Boiling over. In technical the call this a 'melt up'.  I have heard stories of a broker placing a home on the market on Saturday, and by Sunday she has over 61 offers!  The current strategy is to purchase a home, if you can find one, and resell in escrow for 20K more.  I have seen this before, and it never ends well.  

So how do you find a flip? Most of the fix-and-flip deals are obtained off-market (i.e. They know someone.) Wholesalers are providing deals, but the asking prices are so high that I have been recommending to some clients NOT TO DO THE DEAL; there is no spread in the deal to make it profitable.  

So what do you do?

Get out while the getting-is-good?  Something must break, it always does, nothing stays the same the market will move down. 


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