Veneer or a True Shine?

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With houses flying off the market, it’s challenging for Buyers to catch their breath, let alone formulate an educated approach to the houses that are catching their attention. The market has attracted lots of new investors, too, so among the offerings of houses are flipped houses. So… how do you know if the house that’s caught your attention is shiny or just has a nice veneer?

Veneer houses are ones where you don’t have to scratch much at all to discover that the finishes are just nice on the top but you can’t trust what lies beneath. A shiny house… one with a true, deep shine… has had the necessary work done to make sure that shine lasts for a long time.

How to tell the difference?  Look beyond the finishes and try to observe the space itself. That nice new kitchen sink that’s in the corner… does it allow you to actually stand in front of it and load a dishwasher?  The space between the bottom of the microwave and the surface of the stove… will it allow you to put a large pot on the stove and cook your favorite meals? Walk the steps… are any of them too high or just uneven?  Do new floors look like they were DIY where all the boards meet up on a common line? Do corners in general in the house meet up cleanly?

Even through a mask, your nose can lead you in a basement. Does it smell dry? Are the walls of the foundation flat? No signs of water on the foundation?  How’s the slope of the land around the base of the house?

Check your county website. Were permits pulled for work that was done on the house? If your county website has the ability, check to see how the county recognizes the footprint of the house so you can see if that addition shows up on the public records.

There’s more to buying a house than it just looking nice on the surface. Don’t be fooled by the auction-like atmosphere happening in the market today and end up with the wrong house.  Go for the true shine, not the veneer.

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Michael Jacobs
Pasadena, CA
Los Angeles Pasadena 818.516.4393

Hello Monica - even when time may be short, it's good to go long on due diligence before purchasing a property.  If not then, when?  Proper preparation pays off.  

Mar 06, 2021 07:09 AM
Monica Hill

Very true, Michael!

Mar 08, 2021 09:46 AM