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In our blog post, we're interviewing Christophe Choo, where he shares insights into his successful real estate career in the Greater Los Angeles market. Christophe Choo is a famous luxury real estate and lifestyle personality working exclusively in some of the most competitive markets in Los Angeles. I've known Christophe for many years and have had several discussions with him on the industry. He's probably one of the best, if not the best, luxury real estate marketers leveraging the power of video to generate leads. His channel has over 30 thousand subscribers with a total view count of over 9.5 million views. I estimate he has done over $120 million in sales from leads generated from his videos. If you're looking to do similar marketing strategies that use the power of video, then this is article would be a great read for you.

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Creating Your Digital Brand

The best way to convey your message and business through video is by using a visual storytelling style. For example, find a subject matter you're passionate about in your local market and talk about that. If schools are an important consideration for your buyers, do a school highlight playlist. If you get many questions about market statistics or tax information, then do videos on those. Always be authentic when making a video and start with the purpose of the video at the beginning. If you're imparting knowledge or are selling a home, always mention it at the start, so your viewers know what they're getting into. Lastly, you should create a schedule you're comfortable with and stick with it. A video like any other organic marketing campaign online is a long-term solution that requires consistency and effort.

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The Right Equipment

We could talk about all the best equipment a person can use when making videos. However, based on my experience, the only equipment you would need is the one you have in your pocket. Christophe uses the most recent Apple iPhone for a significant number of his videos. Creating videos from your phone is a lot more organic and convenient, letting you shoot a video whenever inspiration hits you. Don't procrastinate on getting the best possible equipment to make your first video. Just get your phone camera and get started today.

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Watch the Actual Interview

I've known Christophe for a long time, and I consider him my mentor when it comes to using video marketing in the real estate space. I've learned a lot from him, and I know that my clients and the people consuming my content can learn a lot from him. If you're interested in how Christophe was able to generate business with the power of video, I highly recommend you watch our interview and check out his channel today.


Check out our original blog post at https://inboundrem.com/.

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