What You Need To Know About Fascia and Soffit Replacement

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Your fascia and soffit are key parts of your home, but many homeowners don't know what they are or their function until it's too late. These little "trim components" play an important role in how your home breathes and functions.

If something is wrong with your soffits and fascia, you can run into significant issues like moisture damage, curly shingles, pests, and wood rot. You should not ignore or neglect these components. They are essential for good ventilation in your home.

So, before you jump into fascia and soffits replacement, here are a few things you need to know about these parts when looking for a fascias and soffits company.

What are fascia and soffits?

Fascia and Soffit

These funny words come up a lot when we talk about roof replacement, siding replacement, or when dealing with peeling wood issues. Many owners are not very familiar with these terms.

The soffit is part of the overhang where your roof and siding meet. When snow or rain hits your roof, it runs down and the overhang will drain water away from your home. The soffit is below the overhang, between the roof's edge and the side of your house - the bottom of the triangle, if you will. Not all homes have a soffit (depending on the style of the roof), but it's a common part.

The soffit helps regulate the temperature in your home, allowing your roof to ‘breathe’. Cold, dry air is drawn into the soffit vent, and hot, humid air is forced out of the roof openings.

The fascia is the beautiful tile along the roof and the roof that gives your roof a finished look. Your gutter is at the top of the fascia board. The fascia is also known as the “transition trim” between the house and the roofline. The fascia supports the shingles and prevents moisture from entering.

Your fascia and soffit protect your roof and provide ventilation for your home. These are vital components, but they usually don't get (or demand) a lot of attention.

Many homeowners don't spend time thinking about the fascia and soffit because these components are generally maintenance-free in your home. The trim parts, especially in a modern home, are often the same material as your siding or other trim pieces like aluminum, wood, or synthetic materials like vinyl and uPVC.

When the fascias and soffits need to be replaced

 Fascia and soffit are essential to avoid roof and shingle damage, especially with winter conditions such as rain, snow and ice. Ice damming can seriously damage fascias and soffits. One of the biggest issues we see with the fascias and soffits is improper installation, resulting in flashing issues.

Without proper flashing, you can spot roof ventilation issues like peeling paint, damaged insulation, rotting wood, and even mold. Since the fascia and soffit are part of your roof ventilation system, this is an essential part.

How do you know if you need to replace your fascia and soffit due to damage?

  •      You will see rotting wood or notice a leak somewhere.
  •      The fascia may seem like it requires painting.
  •      The paint may peel off or the surrounding area may appear discolored.
  •      You may even see pests or small insects and animals getting into your home.

In short, fascia and soffit problems are a major concern for your home's appearance and comfort. If you are replacing your siding or replacing your roof, now is the right time to replace the fascia and soffit.

Add beauty to your home

You wouldn't think that small components like the soffits and fascias would have such a huge effect on your curb appeal, but it really does. It is amazing how much beautiful trim can make your home exterior shine.

The color options for soffits and fascias are almost limitless. At Fascias 'n' Soffits we use high-quality edge materials available in different options. The quality edge components are among the best in the industry, are very durable and long-lasting. You can select colors to complement or match your decor, with a variety of designs and styles to choose from.

If you think your home may need fascia and soffit replacement, don't wait. A fascia and soffit problem can quickly cause significant damage to your entire home. It is also a good idea to explore fascia and soffit replacement when replacing your roof or siding.

Updated or new fascia and soffit is a small investment in the longevity and beauty of your home. Contact us at Fascias 'n' Soffits today to explore the many fascias and soffits options to choose from.

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