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Home Depot Truck Rentals: How Much Does it Cost

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What to Know About Renting a Moving Truck From Home Depot

Are you considering renting a truck from Home Depot? Buying a home is always going to be an expensive time, so any way you have of saving money is really going to help. You can save cash when moving from home to home by doing it yourself instead of hiring professional movers.

There are many well-known rental truck companies, like U-Haul and Budget, but Home Depot truck rental could also be an option. Let's take a look at the costs, advantages, as well as disadvantages of using the Home Depot rental truck service.

Doing so will be the perfect opportunity for those who want to do a DIY move instead of hiring professional movers.

Doing a move yourself will help you save a ton of money. Just be sure you know the pros and cons of moving on your own.

Choosing Which Truck Rental Company to Use

The cost will be a big deciding factor with which rental company you choose, though it shouldn't be the deciding factor. The service provided and the reliability of the business should also play a part in your decision-making.

Even with well-known rental brands, you should do a little research to determine how well they perform in your nearest location. Check customer feedback from people that have actually used this service in your area to make sure things are as you expect. Home Depot's chief competitor is U-Haul truck rentals which have been reviewed in the past.

Reasons to Use Home Depot Truck Rental

The truck rental Home Depot option is a different choice from the other well-known truck rental firms. Of course, Home Depot’s main business isn't truck rental, but they have many locations. This means most people are within driving distance of a store, making rental easier. Their pricing is also straightforward.

However, you need to consider a few things before you choose a Home Depot rental truck.

Local Moves

Since a truck rental from Home Depot is mostly to help customers get their purchases home, using their trucks is only good for local moves. They don't charge you for mileage, instead, you were charged for the amount of time you have the truck. Their standard rate is for 75 minutes, and if you need more time than that, they will charge you for every 15-minutes.

Smaller Trucks

There are three truck rental sizes available from Home Depot; pickup trucks, cargo vans, and small moving trucks. This is great if you have a one-bedroom apartment or studio to move to.

If you need more space in your truck than this, they offer rentals from Penske. But if that's the case, you should research what else is available from other rental truck companies.

Returning the TruckHome Depot truck rental is only suitable for local moves because you have to return the truck to the same place you picked up from. While with specialist truck rental companies, you can drop the truck off at the nearest location to your destination, which isn't possible here.

Reserving Your Truck From Home Depot

When you choose the truck rental Home Depot option, you can't reserve your vehicle in advance. On the day of your move, you might find that they don't have any trucks available for you. While you can go to their website and see what trucks are available at your nearest location, there might be nothing available when you need it the most.

If you don't have a set day that you have to move, this is a better option. But if you have to move on a certain day, it may be better to reserve a truck from a different company.

Home Depot Rental Truck Costs

With the flat fee rentals offered by Home Depot, you should know how much you're going to end up paying. That is, as long as you return the truck in the expected window.

Pickup Trucks

Two types of pickup trucks are offered, the F250 and the T250. The T250 slightly larger offering 10 feet of flatbed space. The charges are the same for both, however, $19 for the first 75 minutes with $5 for every 15-minutes beyond that. You can also expect to pay a $50 deposit.

Cargo Vans

An enclosed cargo van is probably going to be a better choice for your moving needs. Rental costs for this type of van are the same as the pickup trucks; $19 for 75 minutes and $5 for every quarter of an hour extra. The deposit is the same as well at $50.

Moving Trucks

The moving box truck gives you more space for your possessions over their other options and costs $29 for 75 minutes. If you need more time, again, the charges are $5 for every 15-minutes. The deposit is $100 to rent these types of trucks.

Penske Moving Trucks

If you need a larger truck or more certainty about your reservation, Penske truck rentals could be more appropriate. They offer a flat rate fee for one-way trips with unlimited mileage. For round trips, you are charged for the hours and days you need the truck for, plus the mileage. You can get a quote on their website or by calling them.

How to Get the Best Deal on a Rental Truck

If Home Depot truck rental isn't quite right for you, there are a few things you can do to make sure you get the lowest price from other companies.

Truck Size

You need to know what size of the truck is best for your move. Too small and you'll have to make multiple journeys, too big and you'll have wasted some money on the rental and fuel costs.

  • 12ft trucks - for one-bedroom or studio apartments.
  • 16ft trucks - one or two-bedroom apartments.
  • 22ft trucks - two or three-bedroom homes.
  • 26ft trucks - three to five-bedroom homes.

Choose and Compare Truck Rental Companies

Find three or four rental companies that are offering trucks at a reasonable price. Check their customer feedback on independent review sites to make sure they have a good reputation.

Get quotes from them to find which is offering the best deal for you. While most companies offer online quotes, it may be better to give them a call. This will let you ask questions to make sure your quote is accurate.

Use the information you get to decide which company is providing the best quote. Some companies will include some things you may or may not need. If something is missing from one company, do you need it? And if so, how much extra will it cost you? This could include things like hiring a trolley or strapping to hold your boxes in place.

Whether you end up using Home Depot truck rental or some other provider, make sure you do some research on the rental company before you make a reservation. Hopefully, you have found this guide on renting a truck through Home Depot to be useful.

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