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Fishing for Listings: Casting a Post Line

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Reading here on the blogs created by users on this particular site, I've noticed several key things.

First, that people are really willing to go the extra mile to devote the time and effort to reach out through the international Internet community, and we are all casting our nets wide to the web (as far as we can dream, our connections and articles can go).

Second, I've noticed that attitude (a willingness to embrace the process of creating discussions and sharing our ideas on life, business, and marketing) plays the biggest part in how well advertising things online is going to go. People who post--going above and beyond the norm to keep in touch with a tech savvy community--have higher traffic on their websites. They have a greater recognition rate in their community. They win the prize for being the biggest catch wherever they go. [I know that guy... and she's the one who... aren't you in real estate? I'm not ready to sell yet, but in a few days, weeks, months, years I'm going to call you and let you know.]

Now, thinking logically, where does this knowledge leave me? It answers a few questions in ways I really (by using common sense) ought to know.

Does having my name ranked high on my local community page make me a real estate dynamo? Nope. Does it matter if I don't bother to schedule regular time to log in to post? Personally, I think so--because when I remember that the perfect bite might not come today but just when I have settled down for comfortable mid-afternoon snooze some big nibble is going to tug at my line...

Half the fun of fishing is not in the catch--it's in enjoying your time working at the process especially when times are slow.

At that point, when I get that big catch fish story dream house contract closed, I'm going to look back. I plan on being completely grateful for all my time spent enjoying the ride. You see, I fully appreciate all the downtime and relaxation I experience when I am leisurely participating in the process on viral marketing. By keeping motivated and getting to know more and more about my community I am becomming a better agent.

Wherever I am, through exploring and working actively on my education process related to my craft, I am spending all my time getting ready to handle my target. I dream big, knowing that one big multi-million dollar estate property and commercial land contract that needs my marketing services and help... and  that I will be able to use my part of the proceeds to make sure everyone in my family has their own place to call home.

So, I check my page rank and I keep following thorugh with posts. Check your page rank. Like cranking the handle on the reel of a rod, our essays bring us each one click closer to having that "trophy" listing we want to own or show.


Todd Clark - Retired
eXp Realty LLC - Tigard, OR
Principle Broker Oregon

The process of finding someone on line is an ever changing one and sometimes you need to change the bait. I've changed how I write my post over the past year and a half and I have to say, that in some cases, I left with my limit, while other times I felt like a kid with a stick and a piece of sting walking back with nothing.

But, did I ever give up - NOPE! You have the right attitude, but at the same time, with blogging comes the top page ranking also without having to pay for the service of being there.

Todd Clark, Helping Families Home - www.IFoundYourNewHome.com

Jun 25, 2008 09:22 AM