10 Family Kitchen Design Tips for Planning a Perfect Space

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A kitchen is usually the heart of every home. Family kitchens are not only used for cooking but also for eating, gathering, finishing homework, or spending time together and bonding as a family. 

Therefore, it’s very important to hire the best kitchen remodeling company to achieve your vision of a perfect family kitchen design. “Groysman Construction” is a family-owned and operated remodeling and construction company. They understand the value of having a great family kitchen, and the many years of experience in the industry make them one of the best companies in San Diego, California.

Groysman Construction will design your kitchen according to your specifications while offering professional guidance where needed. 

When designing or remodeling a family kitchen, you need to have a space that can accommodate the needs of children, teenagers, or pets. The most important aspect is the kitchen layout. 

1. Layout

The kitchen layout will depend on whether you want to keep family members away from the kitchen area or include them in the day-to-day kitchen activities. 

A U-shaped kitchen that closes off access on one side will keep family members away, especially when you’re cooking. This can be an advantage in a very busy household because it restricts movement into and out of the cooking area.

If you want family members to socialize and bond in the kitchen, you should choose an island or L-shaped layout. This allows family members and friends to freely access the kitchen and creates a welcoming feeling. 

2. Half-wall or open-plan kitchen

A family kitchen that opens into the living room helps the family to bond by integrating meal preparation with other activities nearby such as watching TV in the living room. It also facilitates conversations between visitors, friends, and family members while cooking takes place. 

A half-wall or open-plan kitchen increases the amount of natural light entering the kitchen and makes the room appear more spacious. 

3. Cooking area

The cooking area is the most important part of the kitchen because it serves the primary function of making delicious and hearty meals for your family. If you have children in the house, it’s good to have a kitchen island with seats at the far end. This will enable you to keep an eye on the children while separating them from the dangers of the cooking area. 

Incorporating an induction cooktop is ideal for families because it has no flames and the surface remains cool during meal preparation. 

4. High shelves and cabinets

High shelves are important because they keep priceless, dangerous, or fragile household items out of reach of children or toddlers. As children get older, you can create low-level shelves in the kitchen for them and store plastic cups, plates, and spoons. This will help your children feel independent and prevent them from climbing countertops to reach these items in high wall units and cabinets. 

Ovens can also be placed in higher places to prevent small children and toddlers from reaching them.

5. Choose Matte or wood finishes on surfaces

Stainless steel is beautiful but will be full of smudges and fingerprints if you have children. On the other hand, matte surfaces and wood finishes will not show smudges and can be cleaned with soap and water when necessary, making them ideal for family kitchen design. Cabinets with eggshell or gloss finishing are easier to clean. 

For family-friendly countertops, use materials such as Corian, Quartz, or Silestone which are stain-resistant. 

If you have pets, go for Ceramic, concrete, or porcelain flooring which is popular and extremely durable. 

6. Child gate at the kitchen entrance

Children love to explore the house, opening every drawer and touching everything within reach so it’s important to make sure your living space is safe for toddlers and babies. 

While remodeling your kitchen, it’s important to include a child gate at the entrance to the kitchen. This will prevent them from entering the kitchen. 

Child gates can be expanded or reduced to fit the different kitchen entrances of different homes. They usually also have a safety lock that parents can access, and the slats are small enough to prevent children from getting stuck. Moreover, it can also prevent pets from accessing the kitchen. 

7. Homework nook

Integrating a homework nook in your kitchen is an amazing way to monitor your children’s school activities while carrying out your daily tasks with ease. A well-designed study nook in the kitchen should have drawers where pencils, markers, and books can be stored. Any additional space can be used to store a few toys. As your children grow, the study nook can be redesigned to accommodate their evolving needs.

8. Rounded island corners

Rounded islands are safer than rectangular ones because they don’t have sharp or pointed edges. When your children grow and reach the height of the round island counter, you will have reduced the risk of children getting head injuries while playing around the area. 

Alternatively, sharp kitchen counter edges can be remodeled to be round to prevent your little ones from getting bumps or bruises. 

9. Kitchen seating areas

A good kitchen design should include seating areas such as a breakfast bar or adjoining bench. The breakfast nook can be styled by adding throw pillows, fresh flowers, and even a centerpiece. This will encourage family members and friends to linger for a longer period of time. 

10. Add a blackboard wall

In the past, a blackboard was only used in classrooms. However, nowadays adding a blackboard to your kitchen wall will not only make it appear more stylish but also help you remember important things and keep items of sentimental value within view. 

You can write a shopping list, recipe, or reminders. You can pin children’s art and even family pictures. Alternatively, children can remain entertained by using the board while you are cooking.

There are other ways of renovating your kitchen to look beautiful such as; replacing cabinet and drawer handles and using lighter colors to brighten the kitchen.

Replacing old cabinet doors, changing the lighting, and incorporating beautiful art pieces on the wall also spruces up the look of the kitchen.

If you need more improvements, then try painting appliances using safe stainless steel and replacing old floors with durable hardwood.

If you’ve been planning to do kitchen remodeling for a long, don’t wait any longer. Groysman Construction is ready to turn your kitchen into a place filled with warmth and love by doing an amazing family kitchen design and kitchen remodel. 

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