The Toll Your Desk Job Is Taking on You

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While real estate can be a very on-the-go type of work there are roles that leave one chained to a desk. Many people aspire to be in this line of work aiming for the well-known 9 to 5.  With perks like set hours, salary options, and typically benefits it is no wonder 86% of Americans find themselves working a desk job. 

While you may not be in the sky working on powerlines or operating heavy machinery there are actually a handful of health risks that come from remaining seated throughout your day. While some risks may be more obvious there are some that even surprised me. 


Bacteria and Germs

Sneezing and other bacteria-breeding sources reside in the workplace frequently. In fact, your keyboard is probably the most germ-collecting surface on a desk. Keep your desk area as clean as possible, preferably with regular usage of anti-bacterial wipes or cleaners.

Computer Blue Light

According to research, blue light emitted from electronic devices, like a computer screen, has the potential to harm vision. Opthomalagists recommend taking frequent breaks from looking at a computer screen. There are also special blue-light blocking glasses that can help protect from blue light while you’re working.

Posture Problems

Most people have less than perfect posture when sitting at a desk. Having your arms too high or too low in proximity to a keyboard can cause neck and shoulder problems. Laptops, too, often cause strain on the neck from constantly looking down at the screen.

Weight Gain

This one surprised me but also made a lot of sense. Sitting for long periods of time obviously means the body is deprived of exercise.  So going from a more labor-heavy job to a desk job it wouldn't be uncommon to put on a few pounds. There is also a greater tendency to snack even when you are not necessarily hungry.

Mental Fatigue

Remaining sedentary and staring at a computer screen without taking breaks can lead to feelings of mental fog, tiredness, and even irritability.

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