Cost of Living in Orange County, CA

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Cost of Living in Orange County, CA

Are you looking to move into Orange County, California? Then this article would be a great read for you. We breakdown notable cost of living factors you need to consider for your move to help you identify if this would be a viable community for you and your family financially. After reading this article and you decide you would like to find a home in the region, our team would be glad to represent you in your purchase and walk you through the best deals in the county. Please don't hesitate to contact us if you have questions about homes for sale in Orange County, California.

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Cost of Living Index in Orange County, CA

Laguna BeachNewport Beach

  • Overall Score - 255
  • Goods/services – 110
  • Groceries/food – 116
  • Healthcare – 109
  • Housing – 591
  • Transportation – 130
  • Utilities – 90

Newport Beach

  • Overall Score - 353.3
  • Groceries/food – 114.7
  • Healthcare – 95.9
  • Housing – 916.8
  • Utilities – 86.3
  • Transportation – 110.8

Crystal Cove

  • Overall Score - 349.8
  • Groceries/food – 115.3
  • Healthcare – 95.9
  • Housing – 898.7
  • Utilities – 101.5
  • Transportation – 113.9

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Living in Orange County, CA

Like most other communities in California, housing is a major consideration when moving into Orange County. Real Estate is significantly higher in the state when compared to other regions of the country and can be quite intimidating, especially to out-of-state buyers. This fact however, does provide excellent opportunities for home buyers looking to build a profit from future equity or owning potential rental property in one of the highest-priced real estate markets in the country.

Although the coastal cities of Orange County are quite expensive in terms of cost of living, some categories are generally lower. Healthcare and utilities are adequately priced and are a great upshot when looking at other cities in the state.

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