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Use your client lists to make money again. Some of your clients may need help saving the home you sold them. Now you can offer them help, as a Foreclosure Mediator/Loss Mitigation consultant.

Right now, there is a major shortage of qualified and ethical loss mitigation/foreclosure mediation consultants. The non-profit agencies are overwhelmed, many people have no where else to turn for help with their foreclosure.

We offer, The Best Foreclosure Mediation/Loss Mitigation Training for Professionals. Complete, Quick and Affordable. Get your foreclosure Mediation business started for just $200.00(including the cost of this course). Work from home or office.

A Profitable Career, A Valuable Service.

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Anthony Dashtizadeh
Garcia Realty Group, Luxury Sales Group - Potomac, MD

interesting oppurtunity. something That I have  never thought of. Iwill check it out.

Jun 23, 2008 06:15 PM