Presidential Debates at the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library

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Since the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library opened, there have been four presidential debates that the Library has hosted. All four of these debates occurred during the Republican Primary.

The four debates that have taken place at the Library include two that happened during the 2008 primary, one during the 2012 primary, and the last one was during the 2016 primary. More likely than not, if the 2020 Republican Primary had been competitive, there would have been a debate hosted during that campaign as well.

The reason why any debates have happened at the Library is due to President Reagan’s vision.

According to the Ronald Reagan Library’s website:

“When Ronald Reagan opened the doors to his presidential library in 1991, he stated that he wanted the Library to be more than just a place for scholars to interpret the past. He wanted it to be a place where policymakers debated the future. There is no better way to fulfill his mission than to hold Presidential Debates at his Library.”

The Ronald Reagan Presidential Library is truly one of a kind. In fact, every president that America has had since 1969 has visited the library at least once (with the exception of Barack Obama – no information on his attendance is available). Furthermore, numerous high-ranking foreign diplomats (including Gorbachev and Queen Elizabeth) have visited the Library, and very high-ranking non-presidents/politicians who have visited the Library include Mike Huckabee, Jerry Brown, Ted Cruz, Newt Gingrich, and many others.

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