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Real estate video myth number one.

The thinking only luxury property listings deserve video treatment for the show and tell. Nothing could be further from the truth using real estate video for marketing what you list and need to sell. youtube video

So where did that real estate video myth come from?

Well, if you are used to hiring out most of your real estate photo, video, heck even property listing sign planting and retrieval. Then only your most expensive property listings can justify the expense of lights, camera, action to produce a real full motion property listing video. 

Or the myth that only your most expensive real estate listings deserve the video treatment could be that's the majority of what you see shot, edited, rendered and posted online.

So why would someone hire out the video for a 1968 mobile home or a dirty but solid bank repossession property listing? Not just the cost of hiring it done influencing your should you or why bother with low price property listing videos.

No no, it's some kind of reasoning that those low to the ground priced real estate listings just aren't pretty enough for video.

Like me, I have a face for radio. It would somehow betoo painful to shoot a video for any of your lowest cost property listings. A kin to a guilty as heck witness that it is best to leave off the stand. Like a bad movie that has poor acting, terrible lighting and the lines are dubbed in horribly out of sync. bridge to maine photo

For starters, real estate videos are not for entertainment.

The videos are to show folks local and far far away anytime of the day look what just have just  listed for sale. Here is what's available for an open house on demand right now. Come on, take my hand and the doors are all unlocked. Help yourself with the ability to tour properties one after another with the magic of real estate video

The low cost real estate property listing video is not designed to compete for style, shot angles, clever camera slides and crane moves that the multi million dollar address gets.

The edgy music, sexy long legged models and pricey exotic cars along with tight edits timed to the cuts and dissolve video clip transitions. The high end videos are working their guts out trying to convey the "know a level of luxury few ever do" la dee da ooh la la. Make other drip with envy gawking at what you have that they wished they did the video hook.

Simple real estate videos are like the showings you do all the time.

Give the home buyer out in the audience the sense you are talking to them, just them. Show them where the property listing is located, use aerial maps, lot dimensions sketches. Pull them around the outside on all sides to show the home, the street scene and what you are looking out at if as if the place was your own. Describe the person who would find this property listing a perfect glass shoe fit.

Then one by one string together the living space inside and out video loops together with a tour of the rooms top to bottom.

The sound is forty percent of the video tour and without reading a word, the real estate buyer has a pretty good idea of what you listed for sale. Coming back tomorrow night to rewind and watch the real estate video again as their interest increases and they reach out to learn more and ask questions.

Like you and I with movies, little things are missed the first trip through a real estate video. Take the time to add those little details in the video and audio treatment of the property listing and the community it lives in.

If you take your own photos, when you are the one and only cook in the kitchen whipping up real estate videos, all your listings get the same consistent treatment.

Videos for real estate knowing this one is just land, that one is waterfront and some of them are your most expensive property listings. But a beater, a ridden hard and put away wet property listing that represents value that needs DIY tinkering skills. Those get property listing real estate video treatment too when you list and sell in small rural areas of the country.

Something for everyone in the across the board price and type of Maine real estate is what I strive to stock the shelves with daily.

Here's one simple real estate example of a place with land, waterfront , a shell to work with that comes with a low price that deserves and gets it's very own video. 

Real estate video is not just for luxury property listings.

Especially when you live quite always away from population centers that would gobble them up if if you can just get buyers inside. Without making the real estate buyer drive six, seven or more hours each way to run the roads to see and hear about them one at a time.

Real estate video delivers the property to where the buyer is now.

No delay, help yourself, take one property tour after another. Those simple but helpful timeyoutube real estate video saving real estate videos remove the delay of travel and strike while the iron is hot. Right at the moment the real estate buyer is in the mood to sneak a peek and study the current property listing inventory. Video is idling, waiting for the double click to sit back to watch and listen.

The call to action CTA is that video player symbol in the center of what's for sale.

The same coaxing to come on, just watch it happens with community videos too that are just as important at the real estate ones. 

youtube real estate analytics

Above,one screen shot of a real estate video property listed for sale at $34,500!

video real estate player

(Warning: Don't expect luxury and razzle dazzle, just simple and here's what you get if you like what you see.)

The real estate videos are not produced with the idea of winning an award for excellence. But it is a work horse to pull down lots of views and plenty of engagement as the video console analytics console displays. 

Lots of real estate myths get circulated and the biggest critics don't use video at all.

Or their video channels are pretty dusty and the shelves lightly loaded for worthwhile selections to tap tap and sit back to watch and listen. Are you using real estate video and if you are not, how come? 

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Chris Griffith
Downing-Frye Realty, Bonita Springs, FL - Bonita Springs, FL
Bonita Springs Listing Specialist - Agent

Video is for everything and anything. 2020 was the year for real estate and video for sure. Since I'm in Florida and buyers were purchasing remotely we really hit video hard.

Mar 25, 2021 03:06 AM