Real Estate Video | Don't Just Use It On Your Most Expensive Listings

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Real estate video, don't just use it on your most expensive listings.

Only luxury properties deserve video, that is real estate myth #1. Where does that real estate video myth come from anyway? It's prevalent in circles of real estate agents and brokers who hired out the tasks. Someone reasoning that the bigger price tag properties makes the "do a video" necessary or a worthwhile real estate video

But what if you don't hire out everything from sign placement, image collecting, heck even real estate copy writing?

When you live in a market where stagers are not hired for the make it look pretty for the date with the real estate buyer online wolf whistling at what he or she sees. In small rural real estate markets, the practical stuff is what is ooh la la. Low to the ground the ground price, new roof, updated heating system and a garage trumps the granite counter top and formal flower gardens with the spouting water fountain in the center of the greenery.

So back to the real estate video myth #1, that only your luxury properties deserve the full motion and sound treatment.

Nothing could be further from the truth. Think about your buyer out in the audience. When active rain real estate videohe or she is local, wouldn't it be nice to zip through three, four or more simple show and tell videos BEFORE setting up showings?

Ruling out this one, liking that one of the videos saves the real estate agent or broker lots of time not doing wasted property tours right?

And what if you were out in the real estate audience but many hours and miles down the pike?

Real estate video becomes even more important to that segment of the buying audience not even close to your area. What about the real estate buyer out of the country? Just serve those buyers a few images, a snippet of all the properties sound alike narrative for the highlights? Good enough is not today when real estate video is available to do way more and a better job marketing the property listings. 

Without real estate video (not a regurgitated same phone slide show moving and grooving in and out, side to side) well now.

That outside buyer stops the process because no real estate video. Video was even more critical during COVID over the last year of the pandemic when travel was risky or not real estate video camera allowed depending on the state.

If you don't do real estate video, your buyer will seek out and find through search engine queries which brokers do.

Serve them, let them have it there way like Burger King.

Real estate video for all your properties.

Videos for your community events and to show your not familiar with your area real estate buyer around your home town. That local flavor of the what's it like where you live does just as much of the heavy marketing needed to lead to a real estate sale.

Video for real estate means less actual physical showings and more property listings are viewed online in the safety and convenience of whereever the buyer is.

No matter what time of day or night or the weather happening outside here or there. Real estate video is like an all night buffet of property listings.real estate video youtube

Hot and ready to take them through the front door, out the back and to tour the lot, the community that wraps around that real estate listing.

When? Now. Right NOW. Without delay and with the audio not wasted and including the sounds of the listing location with the property details weaved into the real estate video. The sound is forty percent of the real estate video experience's success.

Real estate video, don't just use it on your most expensive listings.

So your bread and butter listings, the dirty but nice and low priced properties should have real estate videos.

They all deserve the real estate video treatment. The videos of luxury properties looking for multi million dollar buyers that have the exotic cars and long legged skimpy dressed models out by the Olympic pool basking in the sun like a Greek goddess. Those high end productions that took days to create and cost a pretty penny by a wannabe Hollywood film director with the quick edits timed to the edgy music sound logo real estate video

When you are pushing the luxury and opulence, you need a hoity toity know luxury few ever do in their lifetime video.

Just think how envious and cheated your friends, old hated classmates growing up will feel learning about your new luxury home purchase IF you buy it. A splash it all over your egocentric video channel. That message and call to action to buy works on those that tick that way.

Simple real estate videos for a 20-30-40 thousand dollar price bracketed property listings.

They deserve video too. Especially for the far away out of town buyers who you don't want to leave out of the pool of possible purchasers right? Real estate video, don't just use it on your most expensive listings.

Here's an example of a simple low priced property listing that gets its own real estate video.

Nothing swanky or jaw dropping about the real estate video that never was intended to impress enough to win a production award. Just a video that quickly starts the online open house show and tell immediately. With other videos one after another run and gunned to shoot, edit, render and upload to your real estate video channel.

Here's a snap shot of real estate video analytics to show what's going on behind the console.

youtube video analytics

See the increase in viewership? People are too busy rack up the miles and gas expense to tour properties. Like working from home remotely telecommuting to their jobs, the same real estate buyers want to be able to see and hear about the properties for sale.

With real estate video for all your listings and the all important community events, your reach estate buyers without delay can tour your property listings round the clock.

They don't need the lock box combination, you can be in bed sleeping because it's the middle of the night in your time zone but not for the online buyer. Luxury properties are not the only properties deserving real estate video unless all your sell are two a three very large commission nose bleed high priced listings.

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