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With the passage of time, the usage of social media has increased and continues to grow. Statistics have shown that around 3.5 billion people all over the world are social media users and this number keeps increasing. This makes it one of the most trending online activities people engage in. Social media and the internet have given people an easy opportunity to communicate across the world, social networking has never been made easier, it helps people to work from home, make friends and connections, share their life stories and expand their skills through the unlimited amount of videos and guided tutorials available on the different platforms. 

Social media is changing the world through all the vast and rapid adoptions of modern technology. From finding partners, to finding jobs and career paths, everything has taken a new look. The ability to reach a larger, relevant audience really acts in advantage for those who want to seek opportunities to expand their businesses and find more leads that would be interested in their service or products. Many apps such as Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram and Twitter etc, are being used as mediums to share different products and services through paid advertisements and whatnot. 

Promotion And Social Media

If someone wants to change the content they share into a business oriented platform where they might be providing their audience with a certain type of information or content that would be relevant to them, the most beneficial and affective way is through paid advertisements on Instagram stories for the target audience. This allows the business to change its ads in a way that they appear in the feeds of those people who are looking for that product or something similar to it. It also helps in creating opportunities for the business that expand its reach and give it new leads that would be interested in the product/service, resulting in new followers, ideas and goodwill. Every social platform offers the user it’s own form of advertisement, currently the most popular method being used is to buy Instagram story views. This not only enables the business in reaching a larger audience, it also helps in marketing the product/service in whatever way the user desires, enabling strategies that encourage direct connection with their audience, since they know who chooses to follow their account and view their stories. Story views are a better option than posting it on feeds, since constant posting results in spamming which often irritates the audience and they might end up unfollowing the brand. That way, the business could lose potential consumers. 

One of the greater advantages of social media advertising is that it allows the brand to get to know their audience better, which can be used to create more valuable and authentic content which they would like. Having direct connection with the audience and making the content more personalized to the consumer’s interests would lead to more frequent engagement on the page, providing better customer service and making it easier to resolve issues. 

However, once the business had reached its initial target, it can go on to further marketing strategies that would urge it to buy real Instagram likes. This has proved to be a well-recognised way of increasing the brand’s authenticity on social media, since most people are naturally more trusting of an online business that has more original likes and followers. 

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