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October 20th, 1984, my mom (Cindy) and dad, (James R.,) were conducting an estate auction in Southern Illinois consisting of real estate, livestock, equipment and personal property.  Mom was the cashier, and my dad was the auctioneer…  4 days later on October 24th, I was born.



Like many second-generation auctioneers - I have been in the auction business my entire life. Who knew 37 years later I would be running for a board of directors’ position with the National Auctioneers Association? 


Growing up in Fancy Farm, Kentucky I didn’t realize riding around with my dad listening to stories of every farm and tractor he sold would have such an impact on me.   He would ask “Do you remember when had that auction over there?”  (I normally said yes without having a clue.)  I remember him taking the time to read the NAA magazine every time it came in the mail.  Truthfully, It was my mother who made sure everything was in order to be successful.  I remember getting our first computer and then watching her transition from clerking & cashiering on paper to going digital.  She ran the business. 


At an early age I was hauling boxes, setting up tables, running clerk tickets, and sometimes standing in the freezing rain or snow wondering if I would ever make it home.  I am thankful for getting a behind the scenes education of what it took to run a successful auction company. 



It’s somewhat similar to experiences in the NAA – You might not realize the importance of showing up being in the room and participating in programs but after a little time you realize the value it has and how it can help grow your business.


Time is our most precious commodity – once you’ve spent it – it’s gone forever.  I want to make certain that when a NAA Members invests their time (and money) that they get the biggest return on their investment as possible.


As your director I will make my mission to serve being mindful of every auctioneer no matter where they are in their path of life.  I want to preserve our NAA, protect our industry and promote our membership. Serving as your board of director I will make it my mission to help shed light on auctioneers doing big things and make certain we are providing resources towards their success.   


Auctioneers are problem solvers. You get paid based on the problems you can solve.  I want to help auctioneers learn how to overcome objections in the sales process and how they can offer their services to more people. I want to initiate programs that teach auctioneers how to attract more leads, generate business, earn more money and dominate their market.  I want to share real world business strategies that work.   I want to provide NAA Auctioneers tools that will make them the best in the world at what they do.




For decades we have been able to overcome and adapt to the changes that effect our industry.

Regardless of your company’s alliance, your area of practice, regardless if you sell online or in person – we are all in this together.  We are on the same team.


For many reasons we have auctioneers frustrated and leaving our association after years of membership.  I believe a lot of the frustration is mis-guided enthusiasm and they are just as passionate about this industry as I am.  I am running because I hear you.   We are stronger together – and we need you.    We need to support each other in our words and in our actions. And realize conflict is necessary for growth and because of it we will be stronger.



We are on this earth for a very short time.  None of us get where we are in life by ourselves.  I am so lucky to have grown up in an auction family. I have no doubt I would not be in this industry if it wasn’t for my parents.  They have lived their lives dedicated to this industry. They laid the foundation for me and the NAA has helped me polish the tools and knowledge I’ve learned along the way to better serve our customers.


As your board of director, I am going to represent every auctioneer – those that feel left behind and for those that haven’t given up. I am here to serve the next generation.


Going through life is hard, the auction industry is hard.  Going through life in the auction industry without the NAA –is impossible. 


I remember where I was after graduating college in 2008 in Murfreesboro, TN.  I was just getting started as an auctioneer on my own with my (now wife) Lisa.  We were looking at conference and show and saying “this is too expensive; we can’t afford it” I remember knowing we couldn’t pay our dues either and letting them lapse but personally being reached out with encouragement to remain active.



I truly believe the one thing an auctioneer can’t afford to lose is their NAA Membership.  I want to encourage new auctioneers not to give up. I want to give them ideas and strategies that they can immediately implement to make a significant impact on their business.


THE NAA Has to pay attention to changes in our industry. No matter the client or asset, I understand the impact our profession has in the world.  We must focus on the Auction professional providing content and resources to run their business efficiently.   When NAA Members succeed – we all succeed.   I want to add so much value to our membership that we have a waiting list of auctioneers wanting to join.  We need business people handling the business of the NAA. We need individuals who intentions are ALWAYS for the betterment of the auction industry.


“Running for office isn’t for a path to glory”  it’s an opportunity to pay if forward for the future auctioneers throughout the country – just like so many great auctioneers in this association have done the last 70 years.  I want to utilize the experiences, friendships and education I have learned from so many to help pave the way for others so they can flourish. 



Our membership is small by most standards but the cream of the crop of this industry is in our association and we have room for more. It is up to us to tell the world how we want them to see the auction industry.   This year’s slate for Board of Directors is phenomenal. I look forward to serving with any of them and supporting who wins. You have two votes in July for NAA Board of Directors, I want to earn one of those vote from you.   Jay Cash, #AuctionStyle




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