The Seven Tips to Productivity in CRE by JM Padrom, CCIM, CCP

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Fortunately it seems we are getting out of this pandemic!


I imagine that already have shaken the long year and have changed the way you begin producing, what we all love. Well it is time to put our goals in context and for this I have prepared some tips:

1) Develop the budget and income flow, the plan must contain the numerous activities to be carried out on a constant basis.


2) Get a coach outside of the office.

Someone who can make you accountable for  the implementation of these tasks. This will ensure that the plan is run in an orderly manner without distractions and not by accident.


3) Make at least two events of recognition to your  customers.

These events are to celebrate with their clients success and to do that they are part of the same.


4) Expand your education "Learning is Earning"

Identify that program or programs that go with its strategic plan, sign up and complete them. There is no doubt training will facilitate the implementation of the plan. Complement the programs with continuing education classes and remember "is not only who you know" is also "What You Know".


5) Get an Administrative Assistant.

If you work by yourself, please make the initial effort and hire an administrative assistant who will manage all the administrative work, set and coordinate appointments and assist you to continue its program to the full.


6) Supervision Weekly

You can not wait a month to review the performance, it may be too late. You have to control the activities/performance on a weekly basis so that you can modify, add, or improve their tasks.


7) Realistic Goals, enthusiastic and relevant goals must be measurable and realistic .


For example do not set a goal "I'm going to make this year a million dollars" and last year you made $150.000. I will do more prospecting (but I hate to make calls), make it enthusiastic, I will select  10 prospects every afternoon and I will call between 9 and 10 AM every morning.

I have tried to summarize the advice not only to the practice of commercial real estate, but also for other professions such as: residential real estate, insurance, and in general for sales.... "Elementary my dear Watson"

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