What Is Hard Money Lending

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Hard money lending is another alternative to traditional lending sources and allows borrowers to use the investment (in many cases a property) as collateral on the loan. While many lending sources rely on a borrower’s credit history, hard money lending relies on the asset in question. Hard money lending will typically require higher interest fees than traditional loans but can provide borrowers with increased access to capital and a more lenient approval process. Investors with low credit and high equity in a property will often turn to hard money for funding. Additionally, property owners at risk of foreclosure may also utilize hard money loans.

How To Become A Hard Money Lender

Hard money lending can represent a unique opportunity for investors with extra capital on their hands. Though, with any financial decision it is important to mind due diligence and premeditate any potential risks. If you are interested in becoming a hard money lender, here are a few steps you can follow:

  1. Name your business and create your company structure.
  2. Set up an online presence for your business.
  3. Seek legal counseling on the creation of a limited liability company.
  4. Investigate potential investment opportunities.
  5. Make a business plan and draft the criteria of future loans.
  6. Project the future financial outcome of any potential loans.
  7. Launch your hard money lending business.

Pros Of Hard Money Lending

Hard money lending Arizona gives investors the chance to stay active in real estate, without necessarily adding a property to their portfolios. Some hard money lenders may never purchase a property themselves at all. This can be a huge perk for anyone without the time and resources to acquire a real estate deal, as it allows lenders to tap into the lucrative potential of real estate without “getting their hands dirty” so to speak.

Another major benefit of hard money lending is the degree of control it offers. Hard money lenders get the final say in who they work with and on what terms. Anyone who has purchased a piece of real estate likely remembers the process of applying for funds, waiting on application approvals, and going through negotiations. Being a hard money lender puts you in the driver’s seat—and that is quite an attractive perk for many.

Cons Of Hard Money Lending

With any financial opportunity, there are going to be cons involved. For those interested in hard money lending, the most obvious challenge is coming up with enough capital to get started. The amount of funds required can serve as a steep barrier to entry, but it is important to remember that real estate offers a great way in. Investors can work their way up by managing successful real estate deals themselves; over time they can generate the funds necessary to start lending.

Hard money lending Arizona also has an inherent degree of risk for the lender. By operating outside of the traditional loan application process that big banks use, hard money lenders can truly choose who they work with. This means taking a risk on an investor who may not be approved by some standards. To counteract this risk, hard money lenders must come up with standards of their own. Lenders should be prepared to research investors, properties, and ultimately trust their gut feeling about a potential candidate.

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