5 Ways to Improve and Maintain Your Credit Score

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Are you wondering how to improve and maintain your good credit score? It’s a great goal to have, one that will affect the overall quality of your life.

Your credit score, which ranges from 300 to 850, is used to determine nearly every financial step you take during your lifetime. Your credit score affects where you live, what car you drive, what type of cell phone service you have, and it can even affect the job you are hired for.

In a nutshell, having a bad credit score is something to avoid at all costs.

Fortunately, improving and maintaining a good credit score is a simple and straightforward task. By following a few tips and using a few financial best practices, you can earn a better score before you know it.

If you are wondering how to boost your credit score and maintain a healthy number, this short and simple guide is for you.

  1. Know What You’re Working With

The first step to take towards improving and maintaining your credit score is to perform a credit score check. To do this, you need to pull all three credit reports and check the individual scores on each. Knowing your scores will give you a starting point, and the information you need to create your plan of action.

  1. Dispute Errors

The next step is to dispute any errors in your report. These errors might include incorrect addresses, misspellings of your name, or accounts you never opened. Make sure to dispute directly with the credit reporting agency to remove the inaccurate information.

  1. Pay Your Bills on Time

If you want to earn the highest credit score, you need to pay your bills on time. This is a simple action but one that has a major impact on your creditworthiness. Make sure you pay on time or call your creditors if you need to make an arrangement.

  1. Pay off Your Debt

Whether you have a poor credit score or something closer to the average credit score, paying your debt will give your score a huge boost. Part of your creditworthiness is how much debt you have as compared to your amount of available credit. The lower this percentage is, the better your credit score will be.

  1. Invest in Credit Monitoring

If you are serious about maintaining a healthy credit score, consider investing in credit monitoring with a company like Credit Karma. For a small, monthly fee, you can track your credit scores and closely monitor your accounts for inaccuracies. If you are wondering Is Credit Karma Accurate, find out here.

Use These Tips To Improve and Maintain Your Credit Score

By using these tips, you can not only boost your credit score but also maintain your new and healthy score.

Start by pulling your credit reports so you know what you are working with. You should also dispute errors and pay your bills on time. Make sure to pay off your debt and invest in credit monitoring.

Follow these tips to maintain a good credit score.

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