Real Estate Video Marketing: How to Record the Most Engaging Videos

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Video content creation is rapidly transforming the real estate industry. It allows agents, realtors, and brokers to show and establish connections with clients in every part of the world. It allows agents to sell more properties. Whether you are into residential or commercial sales, real estate video marketing can help improve your career. 

What makes video content creation so effective for real estate professionals?

  • Videos can show how spacious the property is.
  • Social media videos and video messages can initiate more responses and help book more meetings.
  • Creating videos can help you save more time. Once the content is made, it can be reshared for many weeks to come. You can even add interesting call-to-action and make a way for old clips to look new. 
  • You can showcase more amenities.


While hiring a production team is also an option, learning how everything works can be really helpful to a newbie realtor. 


  1. Learn the basics of video editing. 

Real estate videography is not as easy as creating animated slideshows and mobile phone video walkthroughs. To produce better marketing materials, you need to put in tons of effort and hard work. 

If possible, enroll in a videography workshop.


There, you can learn how to use videography gear, practice editing techniques, and understand video composition rules. Then, watch various examples of real estate videos and check how you can make something like that, or even better. 

2. Gather the Right Equipment.

Invest in the right equipment. Aside from a good-quality camera and microphone, you’ll also need motion control gear with a couple of tripod heads. These tools will give you perfect gliding (backward or forward) and sliding (side to side) shots. 


As much as possible, get wide-angle lenses and reliable lighting equipment. For real estate professionals who want dramatic aerial shots, a drone is another good investment. It can add production value to your real estate videos.

3. Know what your target audience wants.

So, who is your target audience? What message do you want to convey? When it comes to video production, you have two options. You can either go for a cinematic vibe or a simple raw video. The style may change depending on the clients’ preferences and type of property, but having a signature style can help you establish a unique identity for clients. 

4. Familiarize yourself with the properties.

Allot enough time to the brainstorming process. What do you want the output to look like? Keep an eye out for important areas that would be great to highlight in the video. Capture them from different angles. Moreover, take note of those areas that need less attention. Take the time to learn more about the property. 

5. Don’t just sell the property. Sell the location and lifestyle.

Successful real estate marketers think beyond the properties themselves. Keep in mind that selling the location is just as important as selling the property’s features. 

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Superior Service!

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Xander Neumann

Nice article! But achieving that can be really hard, I found out the hard way, I'm a little into video making so I thought I could make the commercials for the products at my store, but they were terrible! Luckily got help from the experts at they can help you with Cinematography, Live Streaming, Editing, and many other services. And even though in the end I had to pay, the result was spectacular! 

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