Time for some Therapy

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Therapy -
What does the word bring up for you? Is it something only crazy people need? Is it someone that can see what you can't and help you sort through the fogginess of your brain? or is it something else entirely?
There are many kinds of therapy: Shopping therapy, Music therapy, Driving therapy, Cooking therapy, Cleaning therapy. There are so many things we use to calm ourselves and to think. What's yours?
Have you ever heard of Design therapy or Color Therapy? Did you know this is National Color Therapy Month?
Color is EVERYWHERE! Your home, your clothes, the office, the store, in nature. Companies spend thousands of dollars creating brands and advertising that uses color to get you to do what they want you to do. You can be just as intentional in choosing the colors in your home to create the mood or feeling you desire.
Create a harmonious environment for you.
Create a home that calms,, encourages, and lifts your spirit.
Color can have a huge impact on you and your home. When you add in some well-thought-out design and are just as purposeful with your furniture and accessories, you will have a home that welcomes you with open arms.
Would you like some Color Therapy? Say YES!

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