Warm Weather To-Do List

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As it gets warmer outside, make sure that your home's expenses don't make you hot under the collar. Here are our top ideas for this month:

1. If you live in a humid climate, and there are areas of your home that aren't air-conditioned, make sure that you have a dehumidifier installed in those areas, and that it is working properly.

2. If you have any window unit air conditioners, make sure there is no air leakage around them (caulk if necessary) and that they are operating properly. Install a clean air filter (or simply vacuum clean the existing one to save money).

3. Closely examine your deck for signs of deterioration. Tighten screws and railing bolts, and hammer down any exposed nails. Clean and reseal wood surfaces. Also check patio furniture for rust. Scrub rusted areas with a wire brush, then prime and paint. A small amount of time invested here will pay off in the long term.

4. Check and repair weather stripping and caulking. Gaps around your doors and windows inflate energy bills. If you can see light, imagine a giant sucking sound - that's money escaping unnecessarily.

Do you have other ideas for this month? Post them here!


- Richard Sander, P&C Sales Manager

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