Alice's Restaurant is Coming to Myrtle Beach!

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Remember Alice's Restaurant? Back in the 1960's, it was a wildly popular song, then turned into a movie. Pretty soon, you'll be able to actually get a table at the famed "Alice's Restaurant" when it opens at Hard Rock Park.

Folk legend Arlo Guthrie stopped in last week to see how things were going, as the restuarant continues to take shape.

Arlo Guthrie checks in on Alice's Restaurant

Hard Rock Park - committed to celebrating the spirit of rock ‘n' roll - is the perfect venue to honor Guthrie and his world-famous 18 minute long musical monologue. The restaurant will be park's only table-service restaurant ("sit down, sit in, you've got time"), offerring guests props and reminders of Thanksgiving Day 1965, including the "Group W Bench" and what will be the most popular table in the house: the reservations-only Arlo Table, a psychedelic trip featuring 60 artists that influenced Guthrie, or were influenced by him.

Surrounded by acoustic and folk music from the last four decades, the comfort food menu (created in part by Guthrie himself) will offer a complete selection of entrees, soups, salads and, of course, desserts. Many have names that will bring back memories, including Officer Obie's Pan Fried Pork Chops to the inevitable Thanksgiving Dinner. "It is an attraction in its own right," said Steven Goodwin, Hard Rock Park's CEO.

- Richard Sander, P&C Sales Mgr

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Lebanon, TN

Looks like Arlo has decided in his sunset years that that nasty ol' capitalism is not so bad after all.

Seriously, though, I wonder if the management of the restaurant would have someone arrested for littering on the premises..............

Jun 24, 2008 04:19 AM

First and foremost, I think the park was amazing, and especially the night events. But Alice's Rest definately was not the best. Yes, on the brochure it says that it has "air condition" but do not let that fool you. Our family should have known when there was only 2 other families in there. First of all, they don't have much of a selection and what they do have will not impress you that much. I think the service was great don't get me wrong. But the food. Well let's just say the whole family was not impressed and left some of us food poisioned. The chicken there was not fully cooked by any means at all. And the hushpuppies well they had ice cubes in them. Im not writing this to be hateful, or anything but I am just saying be prepared don't let the "air condition" fool you. I'd rather eat out in the hot then to eat there again and ruin my vacation leaving me sick in the bedroom or even sick at home still. I guess just be careful when going there for lunch/or dinner. Like I said though, the park was amazing and Im sure we will visit again but I can gaurantee you, we won't be headed towards Alice's Rest.



Jul 28, 2008 10:28 AM

Also the mash potatoes.....well there very garlicy....

And the salad, was not very appealing either.

Good Luck on making money there.

And I think its ridicoulous to pay $10.00 to just PARK and turn around and pay $50.00 to get inside the gate. Come on, at least come off the price of parking, that just isnt right. Also I think if you are going to the park but you are just a parent to watch the kids at play ,you shouldnt be obligated into paying. There is no reason to. But I guess they have to pay for it somehow, at least make the prices more reasonable next time. I mean even a pregnant women had to pay and im sure she didn't ride anything at all....Just bizarr!!!

Jul 28, 2008 10:32 AM


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