How to Make Your Home Even Smarter in 2021

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The new year has come, and we hope for it to bring wonderful changes. They say the only change one can grant is changing yourself, so how about improving your very own home? Here are some inspiring ideas for 2021 and the new you/home!

Smart Safety Lock

No one leaves the key under the flowerpot any longer. Also, what if there was an emergency and you needed your neighbor to check up on your home? If so, they can get an electronic key. How? Via an app, of course. Today you can buy a digital lock to make your home impenetrable unless granted the digital key.

Cool Water Detectors

One of every home owner’s worst nightmares has come to an end! No more fears what will happen if a leakage turns into a flood. While fire sensors are a common thing, not everyone is aware of the benefits of a high-tech water sensor.

Namely, they can detect changes in water pressure and immediately shut off the water supply. Automatic block can be easily programmed with sensors checking the pressure 240 times a second. This way, you can also detect leakage anywhere in the house (and block water supply instantly to that source).

Set the Light Mood

Smart lights aren’t just about saving energy. Nowadays, you can use your voice or the app to change the lighting in a second. Set the color you prefer just by saying a command. Use the app to arrange some relaxing dimmed light of the right shade to welcome you once you come back exhausted from working under the white light in your office.

Squeaky Clean

Make your home shine without much effort. Program your little robot vacuum cleaner to do all the work while you go outside for a walk. 

As for the trash, today you can toss it without any touch. A hand sensor opens the lid for you, and you can even purchase trash bins that have separate recycling compartments. No more anxious pets wreaking havoc when you’re away. These trash bins are smart enough to stay locked.

Pet Amusement

Speaking of pets, one of the best gadgets in recent years for all dog lovers working long hours is the latest dog camera. As a matter of fact, it is so much more than just a camera. While it allows you to communicate to your doggo, it can even let them have their treats for behaving well. Perhaps one of the most interesting features is the bark detector, so you can react to any signs of frustration in a timely manner.

How to Do It: Wireless or Wired

Finally, a word or two on the connection. 

The first thing that pops in your mind is connecting all the devices wirelessly. However, while it is extremely straightforward to install and relatively cheap, a wireless system has its drawbacks. Firstly, there are potential blind spots. Next, it’s not as fast as the hard-wired connection. Also, a lot of systems (e.g. alarm, entertainment set) are not wireless.

Wired connection has a lot of advantages. For one, it is constant and therefore more reliable. Secondly, you needn’t worry about spreading wires all over the place with minimum wiring involved and a neat electrical junction box. The smart system is centralized instead of being spread all around, which is another plus.

As for disadvantages, one should start planning the installment well ahead as it may require a lot of redecorating.

All things considered, we’d definitely recommend going for the wired option if your home allows it.

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Hello Henirc, these are very good report about how to make a home smarter in 2021.

Mar 20, 2021 06:34 PM