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Tn Nursery Reviews- Voted 5 Stars

If you are looking for a dependable nursery with over 68 years in business and third generation, try Tn Nursery. Tn Nursery is a mail-order nursery located in the heart of the nursery business near Mcminnville Tennessee.

They ship to everyone in all states and also grow nursery stock for most zones. So no matter if you are in a deep southern state or colder zones or drought areas, Tn Nursery grows plants perfect for most zones. How do you ask? They purchase seeds from northern, southern, and mid-western suppliers and grow plants for almost every zone.

USDA Hardiness Zone Map

Tn Nursery also has a hardiness zone map on their home at You can go to this map and click on your state and it will automatically pull up plants that are perfect for your zone. And all you do is shop. It's quick and easy.

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