No income Commercial Loan

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No income Commercial Loans and Resi investment

  • Up to 75% ltv
  • Rates between banks and hard money
  • 30 year fixed rates
  • No DTI or DSCR requirements
  • No Seasoning of down payment funds

Recent Funding’s!!!

  • $350,000 loan amount, mixed-use cash-out refi, 660 credit
  • $189,000 loan amount, SFR investment purchase, 693 credit
  • $762,500 loan amount, 12 unit Apartment refi, 655 credit
  • $506,250 loan amount, mixed use cash out refi, 651 credit
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P.S.  My niche is in helping finance SBA Start-Ups, finance Special Use Commercial Properties, Apartment Loans and Hard Money Bridge Loans. I BRING COMMERCIAL MONEY FROM AROUND THE COUNTRY TO LOCAL MARKETPLACES INSURING THE MOST LIKELIHOOD OF CLOSING. The key is placing the borrower with the lender that most suits that borrower’s strengths. I do it better than anyone.  Give me a call today so you can get your loan closed at O:512-354-5949 or to make sure it is convenient for you, can we please schedule a 15 or 30-minute phone call directly on my calendar at a time that works for you?  You can do so HERE

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