Does the Military Pay for Relocation to Corpus Christi TX?

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The Military pays you 95% of the total costs of Permanent Change of Station (PCS) move to Corpus Christi TX. But, it depends upon the type of move you are planning to execute. 

Here’s some advice that can help you make a wise move. 

1. Personally Procured Move

Personally Procured Move is also known as PPM or Do-It-Yourself (DITY). You move it all yourself. You pack, move, and unload items without the help of any packers. That’s when you choose one after visiting many homes near Corpus Christi, TX. 

The government pays you back ninety-five percent of the moving cost. This Includes weight charges, tolls, and packing material. With that, you have purchasing boxes, renting trailers, and installing tow packages. The money you receive back depends upon the distance of the move and the weight of goods you are moving.

It may seem a daunting task to take care of the expenses and arrangements. But, a little bit of effort and planning can bring you significant advantages.


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How does a PPM work?

Look at the steps for a hassle-free PPM.

  1. Arrange a meeting with your base Personal Property Transportation Office (PTO). 
  2. Get authorized by the PTO.
  3. Check for stores with commercial supplies, the purchasing boxes, or the packing material. 
  4. Check the insurance coverage as the state laws differ for accidents.
  5. Visit your local payroll office to get your operating allowance.
  6. Calculate the weight of the freight.
  7. Keep track of your moving expenses with receipts.
  8. Submit a claim for settlement after you have made your move.


How long does it take to get paid for a PPM move?

You submit the bills and receipts for reimbursement. After which, it takes about thirty days to process the payment.

How much money can you make on a DITY move?

You can make a lot of money before you look for some homes for sale near NAS Corpus Christi. It depends upon how you move. PCS can help you make anywhere between $5,000 and $7,000

2. Government Contract Move

Government Contract Move is a type of move where you play a minimal role in the relocation. 

For this, you take the orders to the Traffic Management Office (TMO). They will enter your details in their system. Then they will ask their commercial carriers to contact you. It may take a week to receive their call. 

You may expect the carrier to visit your place and make a list of the inventory. That helps them to understand the number of days required to pack things. They would be an expert in Corpus Christi, TX Military Relocations. Thus, they will help you with everything from packing things from the current house to unpacking in the new house.


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How do I prepare for TMO?

Follow these steps to prepare yourself for a smoother move.

  1. Visit the TMO and get the necessary authorization.
  2. Make an exclusive list of all the items you will send via transit and carry it with you.
  3. Pack the items that you wish to take along with you.
  4. Be a hawk while the carrier packs. They may have their methodologies, don’t forget that your items are getting packed.
  5. Trash the trash as you do not want to add it to the total loaded weight and pay extra. 

What will TMO not move?

The professional movers will not move cleaning supplies, alcohol, and unsealed food. They may not pack batteries, explosives, combustible items, valuables, and hazardous material.

How long does it take TMO to move you?

The shipment duration depends upon the distance and season. Corpus Christi TX Military Relocation may be a long distance from your current home. So, the carrier will take 2 to 22 days to deliver your shipment. For shorter distances, it will deliver in a week.

3. Partial Move

Partial Move is also known as Partial DITY or Combination Move. It is an easy option to try. That is because in this option, you move half of the items while the government takes care of the rest. You split the weight allowance with the Government.

Choose this option only when you have large items or expensive things to carry yourself.

Keep in mind that you work with a budget. Produce the government paperwork and the receipts while applying for reimbursement.

How does a partial DITY work?

There are four steps to follow for a Combination Move.

  1. Get the orders.
  2. Schedule an appointment with the TMO. Let them know about your Partial Move decision.
  3. Request for DLA (Dislocation Allowance)
  4. Separate the things that you wish to send via the carrier.

What are the requirements to apply for a Partial PPM?

You will need a copy of the orders and Advance of Funds Application Form 1038. If you are using your trailer, you may need a copy of its registration.


What are the disadvantages of Partial Move?

The biggest challenge with Partial Move PCS is that you will have to do all the math. You will have to set the budget. You even have to make a list of the items that go with you and those that go with the carrier. You need to be smart in packing with Combination Move. 

Not to mention, you cannot pocket as much money as you could with a PPM.


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Temporary Lodging Entitlement (TLE) 

TLE lets you stay in a lodge for up to 10 days till you receive your shipment.


After you reach Corpus Christi, give a call to Elizabeth Straessle, a Real Estate Agent. She can guide you with the best advice.

You will get reimbursed for up to two vehicles at your new duty station. That means both you and your spouse will be driving. 

Have a look at some entitlements you will receive during the move:

Per Diem: Since you are travelling as per the government’s orders, they will pay you $142 per day. That will cover the cost of sundries and food. On the two important days, the start and the end days, you will receive 75% per diem. 

Mileage: The government will decide on a value. They will pay you that mileage amount for the official distance between the old and the new station. It is okay to be a little confused here with the calculation. Check with Elizabeth Straessle, the Best Real Estate Agent, to get ahead with it. 

Lodging: Your new station can be quite far (over 500 miles). You can reimburse the lodging expenses until you have a look at homes for sale near NAS Kingsville.

You can request to have 80% of the expenses paid in advance. You can reimburse the remaining 20% after the movement. 


Keep all the receipts starting with the day of your trip, even if you think some of them won’t be beneficial. Submit all the vouchers for the travel claim.

Military moving to Corpus Christi, TX, can be very stressful. Contact Elizabeth Straessle Best Real Estate Agent in Corpus Christi, TX, for an easy PCS. 

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