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Saint Louis MO: What does Pete Rose and Al Capone have in common?

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I represent tax payers in the greater Saint Louis area and the state of Missouri who have issues with unfiled tax returns and outstanding tax liabilites.

For baseball fans across the country opening day is around the corner and spring is in the air. We are also in the middle of tax filing season and as I keep getting inquiries from people looking for stimulus checks I have to remind them that not filing tax returns could be a good reason why they haven't recieved one. When I think of taxes and baseball which might seem strange I can't help but not to connect Pete Rose with the two.

 Most people know Pete had a major gambling problem and sadly one of the all time greats is not in the hall fo fame because of it. The IRS could not have cared less about the gambling but they did care about about  properly reporing income from autograph and memorabillia sales and gambling wins (horses this time) Even after Pete pleades guilty to federal tax-evasion charges over 30 years ago and spent 5 months in prison, it didn't stop there. Back in 2004 he was hit with nearly $1 million lien for unpaid back taxes.

This all time great hit .303 for his long and memorable career, but when it comes to paying his taxes he gets called out on strikes everytime

Al Capone: During prohibtion nobody was a more powerful mobster than Al. So how did he finally go down? Was it a betrayal of a loyal associate maybe? No. A brutal mob murder no? No this isn't the movies. Al had a bad tendency not to pay his taxes and though the goverment couldn't nab him on racketeeing, not filing tax returns and tax evasion did. He got 11 years in jail and by the time he got out prohibtion was over and other mobsters had taken over his territory.

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