Is It True That Nobody Ever Gives Away A Working Marketing Channel?

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Yes and no. No marketer ever gives away the “secret sauce” - if they have any. Many like to pretend they’ve picked up tips & tricks, but in reality they’re script kiddies who follow the pack and waste money on things that don’t work. Others do just well enough to scrape buy, and fewer still prosper in their careers.

Some marketers may give you their competition’s secret sauce - others will share with you things that used to work but have long since become oversaturated and stopped producing results. That’s as close as you’ll find to “picking up an edge” by reading online.

Think about it for a moment: a working marketing channel is basically money in the bank. Why would they give that to you when they can leverage it for themselves? That’s not even greed, it’s basic business sense.

What about spending money for an online course that gives me the secret sauce? There are tons of these out there - especially for real estate. Ask yourself how long that secret is going to continue working after a few thousand people have been through the class and implemented, though.

Speaking even more practically, I've taken several of those "secret sauce" courses and what they teach is either basic skills (ie: not worth spending money for), or fake / discarded methods that no longer work, or never did in the first place.

Case in point, one well-known real estate marketer made millions selling a course that involved using Facebook ads to drive people to newsletters, which drove them to more Facebook ads, bouncing them around like a ping-pong ball. He claimed the secret was multi-channel drip marketing.

This guy made a lot of money before folks realized it was too hard to implement his strategy, but the truth is that it never worked in the first place. Why? Because the take-rate on digital ads & email newsletters is low, which means the idea of a long-term multi-channel drip that warms up your local real estate audience is too lossy.

Drip marketing can be effective, but the goal of your marketing funnel should be to move them from lead to customer - not keep them in a "warm up loop" forever when they should be converting. 

Rather than looking for a shortcut, I’d strongly recommend learning the fundamentals and building a solid marketing structure based on identifying your audience, putting together a compelling offer, and reaching out via multiple lead generation channels.

As you do this, over time you may start to develop your very own secret sauce, along with the knowledge and experience to use it effectively.

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Michael Jacobs
Pasadena, CA
Los Angeles Pasadena 818.516.4393

Hello Tim - in answer to the question you ask in the post title, I learned a long time ago to avoid(if possible) the use of  words "never" or "always".  I don't follow that advice each time but it is certainly in the back of my brain whenever I hear/see or experience it.  

Mar 27, 2021 10:12 AM