Real estate trends: 4 best real estate opportunities to invest in right now

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Thinking about investing in real estate but unsure what’s the best area in the industry to put your money in? This article explores the best real estate opportunities you can invest in right now! 

Trends in the real estate industry are constantly changing. Yet, the market has never before seen such massive changes in consumer needs and wants than over the past couple of years. Today, it’s not only about what homeowners want or need but also about all consumers want, no matter the industry they come from. That’s because commercial real estate has become a real thing as brands are going above and beyond to satisfy their customers and even employees. 

Now, investing in real estate has always been a good idea. It seems like no matter what happens to the market, the industry always finds a way to bounce back sooner or later. But you may feel scared by all these significant changes happening in real estate as a novice investor. 

We get it. Times are changing at a rapid pace these days, and so do consumer needs. But instead of feeling intimidated by change, you can turn them into investment opportunities. 

Here are the four best real estate opportunities you should invest in right now: 

Coworking spaces 

Driven by the telework and the freelancing trends, this area of real estate is booming, but it is still underexplored, which makes it an amazing real estate opportunity. 

People who work from home are now looking for places that can be their own offices. Yet, they are tired of taking their laptops to crowded and loud coffee shops, and they also no longer feel productive while working from home. That’s when the concept of coworking spaces shines. 

But what exactly are coworking spaces? Well, these spaces are basically workspaces where diverse groups of employees, be it freelancers, remote workers, or independent professionals, gather and work together in a shared workplace. According to Harvard Business Review, these shared workspaces have actually proved to be very effective, helping those who work from there to thrive. 

Now, looking at this opportunity with the changes brought by the pandemic in mind, you even better understand why coworking spaces are a big real estate opportunity these days. Not everyone can maintain the same productivity levels while working from home as they had in an office when their working hours and workplace activity were more organized and strategic. For this reason, some employees or freelancers who are tired of working from their bedrooms are renting an office in these coworking spaces. 

As coworking continues to gain popularity, especially since the COVID-19 pandemic has made teleworking the new norm, it can be a great real estate opportunity to invest in such shared working spaces.  

Casino real estate

Yes, casino real estate is a real thing. And it is thriving right now as the gambling industry is thriving and is expected to do so in the future as well.  

People around are becoming more interested than ever in playing casino games. Some look for online slot machines information and more as they prefer to gamble online. Online gambling does indeed come with added benefits such as playing from the comfort of their own home and a greater variety of games. 

Plus, many reliable online casino game providers go above and beyond with the user experience on their websites to better mimic the traditional casino experience for gamblers. If you were to read a dragon island online slot review, you’d see that this is one of the things most players love about this provider. 

Yet, with online gambling on the rise around the world, it doesn’t mean that land-based casinos are no longer relevant. On the contrary, traditional casinos continue to have their own charm. They are those places where different people gather to experience the thrills and fun of gambling, surrounded by real people at the table. 

The biggest advantage of land-based traditional casinos remains the actual atmosphere of the casino. Invest in casino real estate, and you’ll definitely get a high ROI because casinos have, and always will, attract people. 

Wellness real estate

Take a look on your social media feeds, and you’ll likely notice that more of your virtual friends have an increased interest in wellness, whether that is practicing yoga, eating healthier, going to the spa, or exercising more. Well, that’s because wellness is a big trend that has grown into a big industry these days. 

But what exactly is wellness real estate? Well, it is basically defined by those homes or commercial buildings that are specifically designed and built to support and encourage the wellness and health of the residents and visitors. Wellness real estate can include residential properties like homes or apartments and even commercial buildings like medical facilities or gyms.

What’s more, wellness real estate and wellness tourism also go hand in hand. So, wellness real estate can expand to wellness resorts in the most exotic places in the world. There are truly no limits when it comes to investing in properties that satisfy the needs of modern consumers and homeowners. 

Housing in suburban areas 

If there’s one thing that the lockdowns and travel restrictions made everyone realize, that’s the fact that we need to stay connected with nature and that spending months behind four walls can have a pretty big impact on your mental and physical wellbeing. For this reason, a new real estate trend is starting to grow: homebuyers look for housing options with outdoor spaces. 

Now, housing options downtown aren’t exactly that suitable for those who want to grow their own plants or have an outdoor space where they can spend time in nature. So, homebuyers have now turned their attention towards properties in suburban areas, where they can also buy a garden together with a home. 

Why is now the right time to invest in suburban housing options? Because it seems that more people are looking to escape city life. 

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