What Can A Marketing Agency Do That We Can't Do In-House?

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Re-envision your company. I’ve done this a number of times, approaching the existing marketing of a firm from an outsider’s perspective, and carefully weighing their strengths & challenges against their competitors.

Some problems with doing your own marketing are:

  1. Implicit bias towards your own products & services, which makes it difficult to correctly position yourself in the marketplace.
  2. Overlooking & failing to leverage social proof such as testimonials, online reviews, etc.
  3. Not clearly expressing what you do to outsiders because you’ve internalized it so well that it’s obvious to you.

Three recent examples of this from my own clients are:

Company A: They were having difficulty convincing clients that they were worth the money, so we dug in & found literally hundreds of glowing 5-star reviews from clients across the USA that we leveraged into all of their marketing. This went a long way to overcome the sales objection - especially when many of those reviews came from industry celebrities.

Company B: Also having trouble convincing clients they were worth the money - but in their case, the “reviews” were a laundry list of 1-star complaints on Yelp & Google. Rather than go head to head with the competition, we repositioned the product at a lower price point & their sales picked up. We also worked on their customer service team to help avoid future complaints.

Company C: Poor web engagement, and when we did metrics, we found that clients weren’t opting in because their message was confusing. A former ego-driven marketing exec had rewritten all their messaging in “corporatese” that was so vague literally nobody knew what they sold or why they’d buy it. We rewrote everything to maximize “punch” and their leads started flowing.

In all three of the cases above, the company already had all the tools required to solve their own problem - the major issue was lacking the knowledge of how to implement them, combined with being too close to the problem to see it from the perspective of potential customers.

Maybe YOU have this problem. If so, try to find an outsider to review your current marketing & see if it has any impact on them. If they get lost, confused, or simply don’t seem to believe it, then consider taking a look at the ideas above to solve your problem.

If you’re still stuck, I do consulting.

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