Five Must-Have Social Media Networks

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The days of "going viral" on social media are long gone, but it still holds real value as a shortcut for reaching out to your audience without spammy email, paying for ads, or SEO elbow-grease.

After all, your goal is to tell people about your listings - and social media gives you an easy path to reach not only the personal contacts in your network, but their friends & family as well.

A recent study on the number of social media users on popular networks shows some impressive figures:  Facebook – +2B users worldwide; YouTube – 1.5B; Instagram – 700M; Twitter – 328M; WhatsApp – 1.2B; Snapchats 255M; Facebook Messenger – 1.2B.

The numbers don't lie: social media has big audiences, and by making social media posting a regular part of your listing process, you can tap into these audiences to help sell homes more effectively. Here are give of the top platforms for real estate agents:

Twitter – Twitter is great for sharing links to websites, digital listings and images.  If you can get a trending tweet for a real estate listing in a specific area for a specific demographic (e.g.. family, 4 bedroom home), excellent.  Twitter’s also great for expanding your list of followers so you can send new/special opportunities and listings to new people.

Facebook – This is the world's largest social media platform, and thanks to its rich multimedia capabilities, the possibilities with FB for listings, photos, narratives, market info, and more are endless. You are more likely to generate new leads with FB than any other platform.

LinkedIn – Make sure you have both a personal profile and a company page on LinkedIn  It's a great site for growing your network and for establishing/sharing your expertise by publishing an article of value (pre-approval tips, seasonal preps for home maintenance, how to see beyond home viewings).  Do NOT post listings here - LinkedIn is focused on professional networking.

Instagram – Sellers and property owners use Instagram to showcase photos of their gorgeous listings.  Remember to use popular hashtags for listings within you account for the biggest bang. Instagram is all about photography: make sure to share your best photos here!

Pinterest – Here are some stats on its 1.75M monthly users – 50% earn +$50,000/year; 10% earn +$125,000/year; 81% are women; median age is 40.  Pinterest is a great photo sharing platform, and the high female demographic makes it a great way to reach women buyers as well.

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Nina Hollander, Broker
Coldwell Banker Realty - Charlotte, NC
Your Greater Charlotte Realtor

I'm on all of these platforms, Tim... and use them only to generate some "street cred." Don't expect business from them and don't pay to be on them. And given their propensity recently to limit free speech on these platforms I've been giving serious thought to dropping out. I had a great business before social media and with 85+% of my business coming from my data base and past client base, I suspect dropping out won't have any real impact.

Apr 01, 2021 04:38 AM