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local markets buck the downward trend

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Here's an interesting post over on the Boston Real Estate Now blog on boston.com


Depending on your view you may find the emotional comments from consumers entertaining or depressing.

I'm not an agent and don't claim to fully understand the numbers but it seems like an example of what the Massachusetts Association of REALTORS has been preaching "Every market is different" and "Real estate, like the weather, is local"

On the surface it seems to be in line with discussions I've had with agents over the past few months where in some towns it's simple supply and demand that's keeping the prices at current levels.

Boston Condo Guy
Boston Condo Guy - Boston, MA

Downtown Boston behaves very differently than the Boston Metro area, the suburbs, and pan-US market.  Many news outlets fail to appropriately recognize the differences among these by simply lumping everything together.

Nov 11, 2008 04:17 AM