Signs God is preparing you for a relationship

Industry Observer with Justine Mfulama

When you have been single for a while, it’s easy to start wondering whether or not God wants you to be with someone. After all, you have been patiently waiting, fasting, and praying for a while. 


I know that first hand.

For a long time, I was worried that God wanted me to be single for the rest of my life. Because it seemed like every man that I attracted did not want to be with me. Instead, I would find myself in situationship after situationship.

Thankfully, that is not my story anymore.

I am now in a healthy, loving relationship with a man that is ready to be committed and strives every day to grow and learn as my partner. 

And even though it took a while for this relationship to manifest itself in my reality, there were moments before I was his girlfriend that I knew God was leading me into a relationship. 


Here are 3 signs God is preparing you for a relationship:

1. You feel a peace that surpasses all understanding

This was the most impactful sign that I experienced in my single season. For the longest time, I had been so anxious in every relationship. I would constantly try to manipulate the outcome of every situation by trying to control the men I was with. 

I would beg, convince, please, or teach. It was an energy of desperation and anxiety that was painful to experience, for me and the guys. Needless to say that it never got me anywhere.

So, when I finally realized that my desire for marriage and kids was well known to God and nothing I actively had to stir, I started to surrender. It was like a burden had fallen off my shoulders. 

And for the first time, I experienced that peace that surpasses all understanding. A sense of peace you will only tap into when God is or already has prepared you for a relationship.


2) You become more self-aware

The biggest misconception I used to make as a single woman was assuming that once I get into a relationship all my flaws, insecurities, and weaknesses would suddenly disappear. I had bought into the idea of “he is my better half”. 

Which is a nice saying but not a good mindset.

The reality is when you get into a relationship you have to be your own best whole. Someone the other person can lean on but not depend on, just like you don’t want to depend on them. 

When God starts preparing you for a relationship, he will evoke change in your thinking and help you become self-aware of the things you have to work on to be a good girlfriend. Things life fears, limiting beliefs, and self-sabotage. 

It will be a long journey of self-development that is necessary for maintaining a healthy relationship and part of the preparation process.


3) You are getting closer to the one

Now this one can easily be taken out of context, but I want youth to read carefully. I truly believe that dating is a numbers game. Meaning the more people you date and the more you find out what type of people, character traits, and values you like and dislike the easier it becomes to identify the right person for you.

Therefore when God is preparing you for a relationship, you will see an increase of suitors coming along. Suddenly all your exes, good or bad will come out of the woodwork. But there will also be an increase of great men that are very close but not quite yet the one. 

With every successful and failed relationship, you will feel more empowered and motivated to date because you are experiencing so many good connections, that you know you are getting closer to the one

You will be excited about the abundance of great men rather than defeated by the absence of good men. 

These are the 3 signs God is preparing you for a relationship that I believe will help you understand the season of Singleness you are in. One season can take longer than another, but the more you trust God in the process the more you will enjoy it. 

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