Get The Most From Your Day

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First of all, know that you only have so many days – so treat them like the gifts they are… right? Okay, here are three things you can do right now to make today a great day, to give you the strength needed to excel and to create momentum that will carry you to the weekend.
1. Get Right Mentally.
2. Get Focused.
3. Get Productive
Do This:
Go on YouTube and search motivation. There will be ton of videos there for you. Choose one that is only a few minutes long and listen to it. This will get your mind right.
Next – Do This:
In your Goals Notebook – write down your goal for the year. You need a North Star to keep you moving in the right direction. My goal for the year is ____________. Then write down your goal for the week. This gives you a bit of perspective. My goal for this week is __________. Now write down your goal for today. My goal for today is _________________ and to achieve it I will do ________ (what are you going to do?), from _____ to _______ (How long are you going to do it?) In my ___________ (Where are you going to do it?). Before you right your plan- answer this question… What is the one thing that when you do it, everything else will get easier or not even necessary for you to achieve your goal? Boom, there you go – you have a focused plan for the day.
Next – Do This:
Do the work you said you need to do… unit it is done. In short, Get Productive.
You got this
. Here we go. Let’s do it.
I hope y’all get the chance today to really commit to getting the most out of the gift you’ve been given.
When you do, when you do… you will go home tonight walking taller, smiling brighter and feeling a sense of achievement that will warm you from the inside out. And you will feel great.
You got this

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