Property Additions That Increase Value and Quality of Quality of Life

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People seem to be spending more time at home than ever before due to social distancing and remote work opportunities. Additions to your home can be minor or a major project depending on your budget/wants. A homeowner is always going to want to improve their home over time as it will maximize the ROI on the home. The home is usually the largest investment that an individual makes during their lifetime. You are going to want to make improvements that also impact the quality of your life positively. Below will delve into the different improvements/renovations that will improve your quality of life. 

Finish Your Basement 

The basement can be one of the most versatile spaces in your home. The basement can be turned into a livable space for an in-law or teenager that yearns for privacy. A number of families turn this space into one for entertainment as you can easily put a projection screen in a large basement. Take the time to consider the different options that you have for your basement besides that of storage which is the traditional route homeowners take. The added livable space will also increase the value of the home overall while adding entertainment options. 

Tennis/Basketball Courts 

The addition of outdoor recreation areas can completely change the energy of a property. Tennis courts and basketball courts can be combined as long as the net for tennis is removed and holes for the next covered up. Outdoor basketball court tile allow for lower impact exercise and less chance for injury. The entire family can enjoy this whether you play games as a family or with friends. Even during a backyard BBQ, there will be those that gravitate towards the basketball courts. 

Do a Full Upgrade of Your Kitchen 

The kitchen is the place where a number of families congregate for meals and even conversation. A nice bar where everyone can sit for breakfast or a quick lunch is a necessity. A kitchen island can help increase counter space while making family-style service far easier. Cabinets can be immensely expensive to replace so a fresh coat of paint will be a much more affordable option. Appliances are also important to upgrade as old appliances in a revamped kitchen do not give out the look that you would want. 

Pay Attention to the Bathrooms 

The bathrooms in a home need to be maintained and it is possible your bathroom is beyond cleaning or repair. Bathtub and shower refinishing can be a great option for those that want the look of a new bathroom without the huge price tag. Focus on the bathrooms that are used the most as a guest bathroom might rarely be used if ever. Research different contractors to see which can provide the best quality and affordability at the same time. 


Additions to your home can increase its value, your quality of life, and will even keep your neighbors happy. Take the time to see which additions or renovations will appeal most to your lifestyle.

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