Short Sales and Foreclosures

Real Estate Agent with The Alliance Group Realty

What a different way to do business.....  Very time consuming waiting for answers.  Clients cannot close when they had planned and many times the electricity is turned off.  In this type of humidity, mold could be growing within a week if there is a water or moisture source.  We need to be very careful when selling these types of properties.  I am not so sure these are "good deals". 

What do you find in your part of the country?????  Many foreclosures....certain price points......a lot of buyers??????  I live and work in a resort community--Hilton Head Island and do some additional business in Bluffton.  We do have some foreclosures but not at the level I think other parts of the country are experiencing.

Let's exchange some information that we have gained on a personal basis.  Who knows it may help us down the road in understanding this new type of real estate.  From what I am reading in the press, it may be some time before things return to "normal".

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