A key is stuck in my lock, now what?

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The locks on entrance doors to your home are usually easy to use. You lock the door and open it by turning the key. Unfortunately, it's not always that easy. For example, a key can get stuck in the lock. Have you never had to deal with this before? Then you undoubtedly do not know what to do. In that respect you have come to the right place. Below we will tell you what the causes of a stuck key can be. Then we will discuss the solution for each cause. So you know exactly what to do when your key is stuck in the lock.


Causes of a stuck key and the solution


Is the key stuck in your lock? Then you should know that there are several possible causes for this. We usually distinguish between four causes. We list them below and tell you what to do about each one.


Key gets stuck


A key that sticks is often the result of dirt between the grooves. Also when your key is bent it can get stuck in the lock. If the key is still intact, you can try to pull it out of the lock. Does this not work with your hand? Then possibly grab a (squeezing) pliers. Be careful, because if you pull too hard your key may break off. Besides pulling you can also try to push the key out of the lock when it gets stuck. To do this you insert a (spare) key on the other side into the lock.


Broken key


Did you apply too much force to a stuck key? Then it may have broken off. In that case you have part of the key in your hand, while the other part is still in the lock. It is then difficult to remove the key from the lock. The broken part usually only sticks out of the lock by a small amount. In that case try to get a grip on the broken part with a pair of pliers. If necessary, use lock spray. This often helps to get the key out of the lock.


Key is blocked


Can you still insert your key in the lock, but it does not turn anymore? Then you cannot open the door anymore. You may be able to solve this problem by applying lock spray to your lock. This might enable you to remove the key from the lock. Do you succeed in removing the key from the lock? Then also apply some lock cleaner to the inside of the lock. You can do this by spraying the key and inserting it into the lock.


Cylinder lock


If your key is stuck in the lock, it is not always easy to remove it. This is for example the case when the key is stuck in a cylinder lock. Cylinder locks consist of several small parts, such as pawls and springs. These can cause the key to remain stuck in the lock. In that case you may not be able to remove the key from the lock yourself. In that case, don't keep trying endlessly, but call in a locksmith.

Locksmith comes to the rescue


Is your key stuck in the lock and can't you get it out yourself? Then a slotenmaker in den haag can come to your aid. He often succeeds in removing a stuck key in no time. A locksmith has several tools at his disposal. Therefore he succeeds in removing the key without damaging your lock. This is often not the case when you try to remove the stuck key yourself. The lock then usually suffers irreparable damage and you have to replace it. This usually costs you considerably more money than if you call in a locksmith when your key is stuck in the lock.

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