How to Handle Your Digital Marketing at a Small Real Estate Agency

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The real estate market is healthy in many parts of the United States. The competitive nature of real estate cannot be understated as the financial rewards can be massive. Closing an extra sale per month per agent can result in life-changing commissions. Digital marketing is the only way that smaller agencies can compete with the larger ones. Unlike huge agencies, smaller agencies will have to be far more creative as they likely will not have the same size marketing budget. The following are tips to handle your digital marketing at your small real estate agency.

The Website Should Be Updated Daily 

New listings that agents have should be updated daily as well as updated on home selling websites. Zillow can drive leads when used in the proper manner. You do not want a potential customer to see a listing that has been sold for weeks. Web design is very important as you want the customer to reach out either by a contact form or phone. Web design should keep SEO in mind as search engine rankings in a local area are extremely important. 

Social Media Matters

Staying active on social media for a real estate agent might seem a bit mundane. Posting every listing and closing on social media account is important. Tagging friends and former clients can help expand the reach of these posts. If these friends/clients are happy with your services, they will not have any issues with this. Of course, if you are unsure then you should ask them. Most people want to work with an agent that closes sale after sale and understands the local area. Small things like walking through unique homes are important even if narrating this makes an agent uncomfortable. You would be surprised as to the number of viewers that are in the market for a home especially if people tag their friends. 

Content on the Blog Needs to be Informative 

There should be home price calculators on your website as people want to know how much they can afford monthly. Besides that, there should be informative content that quells the worries of those thinking about buying a home. Purchasing a home is a huge decision that involves so many details that buyers are unsure. An article about purchasing a home for the first time and the downpayment programs might inform someone they do have enough cash. A buyer will feel far more comfortable with an agent from an agency that prides itself on educating the buyer. Far too many companies try to simply close sales rather than guiding their clients through the process. 


Offsite content needs to be high quality as well as this can lead to traffic to the agency website. Having others write content for your agents could be wise as a great agent isn’t automatically going to be a great copywriter. A simple grammar mistake does not instill confidence in a buyer as a small detail being wrong in paperwork can delay a closing. 


Digital marketing needs to be done by the agency and individual agents. Taking a small agency to the next level is all about getting the right team of agents that are hungry and knowledgeable.

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