How To Prepare Your Home for Home Inspection

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Home Inspection

When selling your home you should prepare your home for the home inspection. Being prepared will make the home inspection less stressful and less likely that the inspector will need to make a follow up trip.  The inspector will need to have access to a lot of things you may not be thinking about.


1- Attic- besure it's unlocked and clear away items from the attic access. If the attic access is in the garage remove vehicles and any boxes that might be in the way.

2- Gas Appliances -Confirm all appliances and gas fireplaces have lit pilot lights. Confirm all untilites are on. This is especially important in a property that you might be renting or that is vacant. 

3- Plumbing - Clear out under the cabinet area and sinks for the inspector to have easy access to.

4- Alarm system- Turn off the system prior to the inspection.

5- Electrical panel box- Clear any pictures or mirrors that might be hiding it. Move boxes or other items that might be in the electric panel box area. 

6- Fireplace - Remove all items that might be in the way of the inspector looking into the chimney flu.

7- Pets- Its best to have the family pet out of the house prior to the inspection.

8- Exterior- Clear the area of any plant growth, remove trash cans, kids bikes and toys as well as any other items that might be cluttering the exterior of the house.

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