Dependable Homebuyers Has Been Featured on Apartment Therapy

Real Estate Agent with Dependable Homebuyers

Dependable Homebuyers in has announced that they have been published on Apartment Therapy as expert home investors. The company pays homeowners directly for their homes, which can benefit those who are looking to sell quickly.

Bob Westly, a representative for the company says, “We buy houses in as-is condition, meaning that the owners do not have to do any repairs or other work to their homes before they sell. This helps to tremendously cut down on the costs that may be associated with selling a home and ensures that the homeowner walks away from closing with more money in their pocket.”

Westly says that anyone who wants or needs to sell their home quickly can contact the company to schedule an onsite consultation. He says that someone from the company will come to the home in order to determine its value and to make the offer to the owner. Those interested in finding out more can visit

“In most cases,” says Mandich, “We can close on the home in about two weeks or less. This helps those who are maybe going through foreclosure and who may want to quickly sell their homes in order to protect their credit, or maybe someone is moving due to a new job and they just really need the sale to go through quickly. We do things as quickly as possible so that homeowners can get on with what they need to do.”

Westly says that those who are interested can visit the company online to learn more about their home buying process. He says that working with a traditional real estate agency or agent could mean weeks or even months before the homeowner may have an interested buyer and then they must wait to find out if the buyer can get funding to purchase the home and then schedule a closing date. He says Dependable Homebuyers cuts out the middleman and makes the process much faster.

“Homeowners are not using an agent,” Westly adds. “We do all of the work between our company and the homeowner. The homeowner will contact us, we will take a look at the home and make an offer and if the homeowner accepts our offer, we close. That’s all there is to it. No waiting for a buyer, no worrying about whether or not the buyer’s funding will fall through. We take care of everything because the homeowner is selling their home to us. We even cover the closing costs.”

Westly reiterates that they will buy a home even if the home is in need of major repairs, such as roofing repairs or replacement. He says that in some cases, they purchase homes that have not been fixed or updated in decades, but adds that they are still interested in these homes. By offering cash for the property, the company helps the homeowner to make a quick sale without worries of finding a buyer, which is what often slows down the selling process.

An added benefit, according to the company, is that because there are no real estate agents involved, the homeowner is not going to have to worry about paying real estate commissions, so again, they walk away from the closing table with more money in their pockets. The company recently announced another post about buying homes for cash, which can be seen on their news page on Apartment Therapy by visiting

Westly says that the process for selling a home to her company is easy. Homeowners just contact the company online or by phone and give them some basic information. Once the company has this information, they will schedule a visit to the home, which is the second step. The third step is when the company offers cash for the purchase and assuming that the homeowner agrees, the sale is scheduled for closing. Those who are interested can find more information on the company’s website.

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