4 Tips for Finding the Perfect Space for Your Law Firm

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If you are looking to relocate your law firm or build one from the ground up, location is always an important factor. Much like any other organization, your firm's performance and workplace culture will depend a lot on where it is situated.

Then again, you still need to face the same set of challenges as you shop around for the perfect space for your law practice. From your budget to the number of partners and paralegals you have, there is a lot you need to take in before you find the ideal place. For this, here are a few tips to keep in mind:

1. Start with the size

Finding a good commercial rental for your firm should start with a plan, and a good plan has to be rich in details. With that being said, you can start by knowing how large (or small) a space you need for your employees. For this, you need to be realistic since you wouldn't want to pay for the square footage you don't need (unless you are certain that you will be expanding anytime soon). As a good rule of thumb, you might want to start out with a small yet manageable space if your firm is at a lower tier.

2. Check your budget

If you are in places such as New York City or Los Angeles where cheaper commercial spaces are hard to come by, it's important to have a good idea of how much your firm is willing to pay for the lease. Other than rent, you should also consider the cost of utilities and improvements . At any rate, you will be shelling out a great deal of cash in the long run, so it's best that you come up with a figure that coincides with the financial resources you currently have.

3. Consider the layout

What features and amenities does your law firm need? Should it include a meeting room and a lounge? How about a place exclusively for document review? Without a clear layout, you could end up renting space that's either too small or too big for everything that you need for your firm. It’s always practical to find spaces with extra rooms you can downsize or expand, depending on how soon your firm needs more space.

4. Reach out to the right person

It would be difficult to find a commercial space that not only has the right dimensions for your firm but also has the best terms. For this reason, it’s always important to reach out to a leasing agent and tenant broker who can match your firm with the right property for lease. In case you are based in L.A. where competition for office space is intense, you can check out companies like the Jeff Tabor Group which specializes in helping businesses get rooted near the city and at a lower cost.

Finding office space for your firm shouldn’t be so difficult so long as you know exactly how to go about it. Consider the tips above so you can find the perfect match for your legal practice.


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